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Tamil Love Status Songs: Listen to the Best Romantic Tracks

Tamil Status Download Love: How to Express Your Feelings in Tamil

Tamil is a beautiful and ancient language that has a rich cultural heritage and a large number of speakers around the world. It is also a language of love, as many Tamil people use it to express their emotions and feelings to their loved ones. In this article, we will explore what is Tamil status download love, why use it, how to find it, and how to use it effectively.


What is Tamil status download love?

Tamil status download love is a term that refers to the practice of downloading and sharing images, videos, or texts that contain Tamil love quotes, messages, or poems. These are usually used as WhatsApp status, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, or other forms of social media communication. They are meant to convey one's affection, admiration, gratitude, or appreciation for someone special in their life.

tamil status download love


Why use Tamil status download love?

There are many reasons why one might want to use Tamil status download love. Some of them are:

  • It is a way of celebrating and honoring the Tamil language and culture.

  • It is a way of expressing one's feelings in a more creative and personal way.

  • It is a way of making someone happy and feel special.

  • It is a way of strengthening the bond and relationship with someone.

  • It is a way of learning new words and phrases in Tamil.

How to find Tamil status download love?

Online sources

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find Tamil status download love is to search online. There are many websites and apps that offer a variety of Tamil love quotes and images for free download. Some of them are:


ShareChat is a popular social media platform that allows users to create and share content in different Indian languages, including Tamil. It has a dedicated section for Tamil love status where users can find and download thousands of images and videos that feature romantic, funny, or inspirational messages in Tamil. Users can also join groups and chat with other Tamil lovers on the app.

Tamil SMS Blog

Tamil SMS Blog is a website that provides latest collections of Tamil love kavithai (poems) SMS and Tamil love quotes. Users can browse through different categories such as romantic, sad, friendship, or birthday kavithai and copy or download them for free. Users can also submit their own kavithai or request for custom kavithai on the website.

Tamil Infoitmanoj

Tamil Infoitmanoj is another website that offers best romantic love quotes in Tamil with images. Users can find beautiful and meaningful quotes from famous Tamil poets, writers, actors, or singers on various topics such as love, life, happiness, or motivation. Users can also share their feedback or suggestions on the website or download them for free.

Offline sources

Another way to find Tamil status download love is to look for offline sources that can inspire or provide Tamil love quotes or messages. Some of them are:

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Tamil books and magazines

Tamil books and magazines are great sources of Tamil literature and culture. They often contain poems, stories, essays, or articles that express love in different forms and styles. Users can read them and note down the quotes or messages that they like or relate to. They can also scan or take pictures of the pages and use them as status images.

Tamil movies and songs

Tamil movies and songs are another rich source of Tamil love expressions. They often feature romantic dialogues, lyrics, or scenes that capture the essence of love in Tamil. Users can watch them and memorize or write down the quotes or messages that they find appealing or touching. They can also download or record the clips or audio files and use them as status videos.

Tamil friends and family

Tamil friends and family are the best source of Tamil love expressions. They often share their own experiences, feelings, or opinions about love in Tamil. Users can listen to them and learn from their wisdom or humor. They can also ask them for suggestions or advice on how to express their love in Tamil. They can also use their own words and voice to create status texts or audio messages.

How to use Tamil status download love?

Choose the right format

Once users have found the Tamil status download love that they want to use, they need to choose the right format for it. There are three main formats that users can choose from: images, videos, or texts. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the message, the medium, and the audience.


Images are the most common and popular format for Tamil status download love. They are easy to create, download, and share. They are also visually appealing and can capture the attention of the viewers. However, images have some limitations as well. They may not be able to convey the full meaning or emotion of the message. They may also be subject to quality issues such as resolution, size, or color.


Videos are another popular format for Tamil status download love. They are more dynamic and interactive than images. They can also convey more information and emotion through sound, motion, and effects. However, videos have some drawbacks as well. They may take longer to create, download, and share. They may also consume more data and storage space than images. They may also require more technical skills and tools to create.


Texts are the simplest and most direct format for Tamil status download love. They are easy to write, edit, and send. They are also more flexible and customizable than images or videos. However, texts have some disadvantages as well. They may not be as attractive or engaging as images or videos. They may also be prone to spelling or grammatical errors or misinterpretations. Choose the right message

Another important factor to consider when using Tamil status download love is to choose the right message for the occasion and the person. There are different types of messages that users can choose from, depending on their purpose, mood, and relationship. Some of them are:


Romantic messages are the most common and popular type of Tamil status download love. They are used to express one's love, admiration, or desire for someone. They can also be used to propose, compliment, or apologize to someone. Some examples of romantic messages are:

  • உன்ன கதலக்கறன் என்ற சல்ல வண்டம் என்ற நனத்தன். ஆனல் உன்ன கதலக்கறன் என்ற சல்ல மடயம் என்ற நனத்தன். (I thought I should tell you that I love you. But then I thought I can tell you that I love you.)

  • உன் கரல் கட்கம் பத என் இதயம் அடக்கம். உன் கண்ண பர்க்கம் பத என் உயர் நலத்தரக்கம். (My heart beats when I hear your voice. My soul freezes when I see your eyes.)

  • நீ என் வரப்ப, நீ என் வரந்த, நீ என் வரம்ப, நீ என் வர. (You are my wish, you are my guest, you are my desire, you are my hero.)


Funny messages are another popular type of Tamil status download love. They are used to make someone laugh, smile, or cheer up. They can also be used to tease, joke, or flirt with someone. Some examples of funny messages are:

உன் பயர் எ? (What is your name?) -












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