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Functional Grammar: Key Concepts, Terms and Applications

# Making Sense of Functional Grammar PDF ## Introduction - What is functional grammar and why is it important? - How is functional grammar different from traditional grammar? - What are the main features and concepts of functional grammar? - What are the benefits of learning functional grammar for EFL students and teachers? ## Functional Grammar: A Brief Overview - The origins and development of functional grammar - The three metafunctions of language: ideational, interpersonal and textual - The levels of language: phonology, lexicogrammar and discourse semantics - The notion of system and choice in functional grammar ## Functional Grammar: Key Concepts and Terms - Clause as message: Theme and Rheme - Clause as exchange: Mood and Residue - Clause as representation: Transitivity and Voice - Group/phrase as exchange: Mood Adjuncts and Modality - Group/phrase as representation: Process Types and Participant Roles - Group/phrase as message: Cohesion and Reference ## Functional Grammar: Applications and Implications - How functional grammar can help EFL students improve their speaking and writing skills - How functional grammar can help EFL teachers design effective teaching materials and activities - How functional grammar can help EFL learners and teachers analyze texts from different genres and registers - How functional grammar can foster critical thinking and intercultural awareness ## Conclusion - A summary of the main points of the article - A call to action for EFL learners and teachers to explore functional grammar further - A list of resources for learning more about functional grammar ## FAQs - What is the difference between functional grammar and systemic functional linguistics? - How can I access functional grammar PDFs online? - What are some examples of functional grammar analyses? - How can I practice functional grammar in my daily life? - What are some challenges or limitations of functional grammar?

Making Sense Of Functional Grammar Pdf

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