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[S8E10] Under The Influence

Speaking of Joey, in an attempt to make savory and sweet go together, he makes "Flounder Tarts", with fish inside instead of sweet filling. Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that sometimes savory and sweet don't go together, as he gets an instant disapproval from Stephanie and the usual spit-out disapproval from Jesse.

[S8E10] Under the Influence

DJ keeps her good morals in season 8, episode 10, "Under the Influence," when Kimmy gets drunk at a party and tries to drive home. We learn for the first time that DJ's mom passed away because of a drunk driver, and Kimmy begins to understand how serious her mistake was.

Looking skinny can be a big deal for teen girls, especially if your best friend's pool party is coming up. DJ tries several things to lose weight in season 4 episode 8, "Shape Up." She hangs pictures of thin models on the refrigerator, she snacks on "water pops," and she even goes to the gym to workout with her family. However, things take a scary turn when DJ stops eating and she falls from dizziness at the gym. Stephanie tells her father that she found out that DJ hasn't eaten in three days. Danny and the others help DJ to understand the dangers of not eating, and they show her better ways to get healthy.

The infamous Kathy Santoni is having a baby in season 7 episode 2, "The Apartment," and Danny is shocked to learn that one of DJ's friends is pregnant. Around the same time, DJ's boyfriend Steve finally gets his own apartment, which DJ is allowed to go to as long as she abides by curfew. However, the two of them fall asleep under a blanket on the couch, and she doesn't come home when she's supposed to. Danny comes looking for her and sees them together, and he instantly jumps to conclusions. DJ is upset that her father doesn't trust her, and she eventually convinces him that nothing happened between her and Steve.

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis break the seemingly random murder of Matthew Wheeler a fried chicken deliverer, which was discovered to be a thrill killing, with a little "undercover" work in the park, but McCoy and Ross face a harder battle to get a conviction when the two defendants Joey Timon and Dale Kershaw resolutely point the finger at each other, and the one item identifying the actual killer is the recording of a confession-made to a priest. Meanwhile, Detective Curtis learns that his wife has multiple sclerosis.

As Diggle spoke of Oliver's impact and influence, we got glimpses of what's ahead for the key players of Arrow in its most recent seasons. We already know that Star City remains in good hands and crime free for years to come, but now we already know that Rene is totally going to become mayor, so his dream will come true.

Could there be another spinoff coming? Could The CW ever handle the budget necessary to pull off a Green Lantern show, or could Diggle find himself heading over to HBO Max for their take. That would be a great nod to the influence of the Arrowverse in the growing roster of DC shows, as well as a fun connection between universes (if the GL series is on a different one).

And in the end, that's the best way "Arrow" could have ended, with a glimpse of the infinite possibilities that exist because of its influence and legacy on the superhero landscape, both in-world and on television. Oliver may be gone, but the Arrowverse lives on.

This Stanley Kubrick classic doesn't necessarily fit into the horror box but for audiences chasing a real sense of unease, The Shining fits the bill. Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, the film tells the story of the Torrance family who hole up in an isolated hotel for the closed winter season. Things take a macabre turn as an evil presence begins to influence father Jack (Jack Nicholson) to undertake a murderous rampage. In typical Kubrick style, nothing is as it seems - Megan Townsend

Okay, hear me out. Scream might not be a high-quality film or achieve anywhere near the art of modern indie horrors being made on a fraction of the budget, but its antagonist still haunts me and I'll tell you why: zombies don't scare me, demons don't scare me, ghosts don't scare me, but humans do. None of horror's clichéd evil beings are as terrifying as a human on a murderous rampage with no apparent motive. Ghostface is gangly, awkward, fallible and all the scarier for it. The way he runs around like a toddler, blindingly slashing at the air, is chilling and an unwelcome reminder that, if you did die at the hands of a psychopath, it wouldn't involve a cinematic, well-placed spike but a floundering struggle - Christopher Hooton

We've already seen what the future holds: fire and damnation, brought to you courtesy of Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) and his earth-bound army of influence The Cooperative (aka The Illuminati). Can Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), Mallory (Billie Lourd), Coco (Leslie Grossman), Madison (Emma Roberts), and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) tap into the powers needed to turn the tide in their favor and take down Michael once and for all?

Boomer is excited to have a visitation with Gavin. Sheila (Marta Dusseldorp) confronts Reb (Zoe Terakes) wanting to know why he has decided not to help her after all. She promises that she had nothing to do with it and that Lou is lying. Lou interrupts and tells Sheila to back off. Marie Winter (Susie Porter) watches it go down and follows Sheila outside so she can learn more. Sheila tells Marie about the suicide cult and that their leader thought he was the Messiah. She wonders why he left her behind and admits she was under his spell until he was gone. Marie is confident that Reb trusts her and he reminds her of her son.

Bart Romano is the Director of Golf at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club. They are two of the top courses not only in Myrtle Beach, but also on the Top 100 list you can play according to Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and Golfweek. Bart talks about the design of both courses and the esthetic beauty that surrounds them. It's easy to understand why our friend Charlie Rymer says they are two of his favorite courses in Myrtle Beach.

Jack Curry introduces us to Skoni golf shoes which won Best in Show at this year's PGA Merchandise Show. We hear how they created a shoe that you can wear all day at the office or out and about and then go right to the first tee. We hear why their revolutionary sole won't wear out with daily wear. Jack also updates us on all the great new, fun designs they have this spring at 2undr. When you do your spring cleaning, clean out that underwear drawer and get the ones the pros are wearing. You can use code nextontee20 to save 20% on and code Next20 to save 20% on

This week on Next on the Tee I was joined by two of the Top Instructors in the game Tom Patri and John Hughes plus PGA Professional Hall of Famer Bob Ford, and 2UNDR VP of Sales and Skoni Founder Jack Curry.

John Cook starts off by talking about the influence Tom Weiskopf had on his life and career. We hear his thoughts on rolling the ball back plus memories from his wins at the 1983 Canadian Open over Johnny Miller and Jack Nicklaus, and setting the PGA Tour record for low 54-hole total at the 1996 FedEx St. Jude Classic.

Briston Peterson is the Founder of On Point Golf. Their 3D ball markers have captured the attention and imagination of the golf world. Jim Furyk saw a prototype and now uses one. We hear about the concept, and how it helps improve focus on the putting line so we can make more putts. I know I'll have some in my bag from now on. Check out why Jim Furyk and I like them so much by going online to

We kick off Season 10 with a bang featuring conversations with my guests 4-time Instructor of the Year Tom Patri, 5-time winner on the PGA Tour Jim Gallagher Jr., 1978 PGA Champion & 1986 Players Champion John Mahaffey, and the Founder of On Point Golf Briston Peterson.

In this segment Hal Sutton and I start out by talking about his new golf course design project. We also hear which designers have influenced his work. I asked Hal about the burden of expectation placed on him as a young player and what advice he'd give Tom Kim to help him deal with what's coming. Hal joined my guest from last week, Tony Ruggiero, on Tony's podcast Tour Coach and they had one of the most important golf conversations that I've heard in a long time. We recap that conversation which included why we focus on our bad shots instead of the good ones and how some players place blame on everybody else instead of taking responsibility for their own golf games when things go wrong. I also get Hal's thoughts on LIV Golf. 041b061a72

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