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Dhokha Movie Download In Hindi Hd 720p

Dhokha Movie Review: A Thrilling Tale of Lies and Truths

Dhokha is a 2022 Hindi thriller movie directed by Kookie Gulati and starring R. Madhavan, Khushali Kumar, and Aparshakti Khurana. The movie revolves around a married couple whose lives are turned upside down when a terrorist breaks into their home and takes the wife hostage, igniting a tense standoff that surfaces secrets and lies. The movie is available on Netflix in HD 720p quality.


The movie is based on the novel Round D Corner by Neeraj Singh, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Gulati. The movie explores the themes of truth, infidelity, terrorism, and mental health, and keeps the audience guessing till the end. The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and has won three awards and one nomination at various film festivals.

The Plot

Yathaarth Sinha (Madhavan) is a successful architect who lives a happy life with his wife Saanchi (Kumar), a housewife who suffers from borderline personality disorder. One day, while Yathaarth is away on a business trip, a terrorist named Haq Riyaaz Gul (Khurana) breaks into their home and takes Saanchi hostage, demanding a ransom of 10 crore rupees. Yathaarth rushes back home and tries to negotiate with Gul, who claims to be a member of a radical group that wants to overthrow the government.

However, things get complicated when Gul reveals that he knows about Yathaarth's affair with his colleague Dr. Vidya Awasthi (Vasuki), and accuses him of cheating on his wife. Yathaarth denies the allegation, but Saanchi starts to doubt him and loses trust in him. Meanwhile, ACP Harishchandra Malik (Darshan Kumaar) arrives at the scene and tries to rescue Saanchi, but Gul threatens to kill her if anyone tries to enter the house.

As the situation escalates, Yathaarth and Saanchi have to face their own versions of reality, and confront the secrets and lies that have been hidden for long. Who is Gul and what is his motive? Is Yathaarth really having an affair with Vidya? Is Saanchi's mental condition affecting her perception of reality? What is the truth behind their marriage? The movie answers these questions in a thrilling and unexpected way.

The Cast

The movie boasts of a talented cast that delivers impressive performances. Madhavan plays the role of Yathaarth with conviction and charisma, portraying his character's dilemma and emotions with subtlety. Kumar makes her debut with this movie, and impresses with her portrayal of Saanchi, a complex character who suffers from mental illness and trauma. Khurana is convincing as Gul, the mysterious terrorist who has his own agenda and secrets. Kumaar is effective as Malik, the cop who tries to resolve the crisis. The supporting cast includes Vasuki as Vidya, Sharad Jadhav as Inspector Sawant, Ajoy Chakraborty as Home Secretary, Aaloak Kapoor as Police Commissioner, Vikram Sahu as Sessions Court Judge, Sangeetha Balachandran as Neighbour, Varsha Dangi as Reporter, Fareed Khan as Shop Owner, Mohit Vijyan as Girish Sharma, Neha Vaishnav as News Anchor.

The Verdict

Dhokha is a gripping thriller that keeps the audience hooked till the end. The movie has a tight script that does not waste time on unnecessary subplots or songs. The movie has a fast pace that maintains the tension and suspense throughout. The movie has a realistic tone that does not resort to melodrama or clichés. The movie has a twisty plot that surprises the audience with its revelations and turns. The movie has a powerful message that questions the notions of truth and lies, and how they affect our relationships and lives.

Dhokha is a must-watch movie for fans of thrillers and dramas. The movie is available on Netflix in HD 720p quality. You can also watch the trailer or some clips of the movie on YouTube.

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