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FNF Vs Impostor V4: The Ultimate Rap Battle Among Us

FNF Vs Impostor V4: The Ultimate Rap Battle Against The Among Us Crew


If you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and Among Us, you will love this mod that combines the best of both worlds. FNF Vs Impostor V4 is a mod that pits you against the famous impostors from the game Among Us, who are trying to kill you and sabotage the ship. You will have to use your singing skills to survive and unmask them on 52 epic songs. This mod is one of the most complete and successful FNF mods to date, with 12 weeks of content, custom graphics, animations, sound effects, dialogues, and more. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about FNF Vs Impostor V4, how to play it, and why you should play it.

vs imposter v4

What is FNF Vs Impostor V4?

What is FNF Vs Impostor V4?

FNF Vs Impostor V4 is a mod for Friday Night Funkin', a rhythm game where you have to match the arrows on the screen with the keys on your keyboard. The game is inspired by rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper, as well as Newgrounds culture and flash games. The game follows the story of Boyfriend, a blue-haired rapper who wants to impress his Girlfriend by winning rap battles against various opponents.

FNF Vs Impostor V4 is a mod that replaces the original opponents with characters from Among Us, a multiplayer game where you have to find out who is the impostor among a crew of astronauts. The impostor's role is to kill all the crew members and sabotage the ship, while the crew's role is to complete tasks and vote out the impostor. The mod was created by IMPOSTORM, a team of talented musicians, artists, programmers, and writers who worked for a year to make this mod possible.

What are the features of FNF Vs Impostor V4?

FNF Vs Impostor V4 is not just a simple reskin of the original game. It adds many new features that make it stand out from other mods. Some of these features are:

  • A total of 12 weeks of content, each with an introductory video and dialogues that tell a coherent and hilarious story.

  • 52 songs to rap on, each with its own unique style and difficulty level.

  • Custom graphics and animations that recreate the look and feel of Among Us.

  • Custom sound effects and voice lines that add personality and humor to the characters.

  • A menu system that allows you to choose your week, difficulty, language, and settings.

  • A reward system that gives you "beans" for completing songs, which you can use to unlock cosmetic items for your character.

How to play FNF Vs Impostor V4?

The gameplay mechanics

The gameplay mechanics of FNF Vs Impostor V4 are similar to the original game. You have to press the arrow keys on your keyboard in sync with the arrows on the screen. The arrows will move from right to left and align with a static bar at the top. You have to press the corresponding key when the arrow reaches the bar. If you press the key at the right time, you will score points and increase your accuracy. If you press the key too early or too late, you will miss and lose points. If you miss too many times, your health bar will deplete and you will lose the rap battle. You have to keep your health bar higher than your opponent's to win the rap battle.

The game has four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impostor. The difficulty level affects the speed and number of arrows, as well as the health bar of your opponent. The higher the difficulty, the more challenging the game becomes. You can choose your difficulty level before starting each week.

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The songs and weeks

FNF Vs Impostor V4 has 12 weeks of content, each with a different theme and opponent. The weeks are:

  • Week 1: Vs Red - You face Red, the leader of the impostors, who tries to kill you with a knife.

  • Week 2: Vs Blue - You face Blue, a smart and cunning impostor, who tries to outsmart you with logic.

  • Week 3: Vs Green - You face Green, a clumsy and nervous impostor, who tries to hide his identity with lies.

  • Week 4: Vs Yellow - You face Yellow, a cheerful and friendly impostor, who tries to befriend you with compliments.

  • Week 5: Vs Pink - You face Pink, a cute and innocent impostor, who tries to seduce you with flirtatious remarks.

  • Week 6: Vs Orange - You face Orange, a brave and loyal impostor, who tries to protect his fellow impostors with courage.

  • Week 7: Vs Purple - You face Purple, a mysterious and secretive impostor, who tries to confuse you with riddles.

  • Week 8: Vs White - You face White, a cold and ruthless impostor, who tries to intimidate you with threats.

  • Week 9: Vs Black - You face Black, a silent and stealthy impostor, who tries to surprise you with ambushes.

  • Week 10: Vs Brown - You face Brown, a funny and sarcastic impostor, who tries to mock you with jokes.

  • Week 11: Vs Cyan - You face Cyan, a cool and stylish impostor, who tries to impress you with skills.

  • Week 12: Vs Rainbow - You face Rainbow, a powerful and unpredictable impostor, who tries to defeat you with all kinds of tricks.

Each week has four songs that you have to rap on. The songs vary in genre, tempo, mood, and length. Some of the songs are original compositions by IMPOSTORM, while others are remixes or covers of popular songs from FNF or Among Us. Some of the songs are:

  • Suspect - A fast-paced techno song that introduces the concept of the mod.

  • Kill 'Em All - A heavy metal song that features Red's aggressive rap style.

  • Detective - A jazzy song that features Blue's clever rap style.

  • Liar - A funky song that features Green's nervous rap style.

  • Friendly - A pop song that features Yellow's cheerful rap style.

  • Cute - A kawaii song that features Pink's cute rap style.

  • Loyal - A rock song that features Orange's brave rap style.

  • Mystery - A spooky song that features Purple's mysterious rap style.

  • Cold - A chill song that features White's cold rap style.

  • Silent - A trap song that features Black's silent rap style.

  • Funny - A comedy song that features Brown's funny rap style.

  • Cool - A hip hop song that features Cyan's cool rap style.

  • Rainbow - A mashup song that features Rainbow's unpredictable rap style.

The cosmetic items

FNF Vs Impostor V4 also has a reward system that gives you "beans" for completing songs. Beans are the currency of the mod that you can use to unlock cosmetic items for your character. These items include hats, masks, glasses, headphones, necklaces, and more. You can customize your character's appearance by equipping different items from the menu. Some of the items are:

  • Chef Hat - A white hat that makes you look like a chef.

  • Pirate Hat - A black hat that makes you look like a pirate.

  • Cowboy Hat - A brown hat that makes you look like a cowboy.

  • Ninja Mask - A black mask that makes you look like a ninja.

  • Clown Mask - A colorful mask that makes you look like a clown.

  • Santa Mask - A red mask that makes you look like Santa Claus.

  • Sunglasses - A pair of sunglasses that makes you look cool.

  • 3D Glasses - A pair of 3D glasses that makes you look nerdy.

  • Headphones - A pair of headphones that makes you look musical.

  • Necklace - A necklace that makes you look stylish.

  • And many more!

Why should you play FNF Vs Impostor V4?

The graphics and animations

FNF Vs Impostor V4 has amazing graphics and animations that make the game look stunning. The mod uses the art style of Among Us, which is simple but colorful and expressive. The characters have different outfits, expressions, and poses that match their personalities and moods. The backgrounds are detailed and dynamic, showing different locations and events from the Among Us game. The mod also has smooth and fluid anima

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