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Gather Proxy 8.6 Premium __TOP__ Cracked

Gather Proxy is a free and easy-to-use application that helps users obtain proxy servers and socks. It provides information about the level, country, time, last update, and other things.

gather proxy 8.6 premium cracked


It is a simple to use and portable tool, and an essential thing about this one is that it doesn`t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. It is simple to copy it on any USB flash drive or even other devices and take it everywhere you want. It has a straightforward layout for you to try out, and it is pretty simple to gather proxy related data with this one.

It allows the users to select the type of data they want to grab, and it displays the lists by downloading the information from It is even possible to specify a custom URL from where the tool catches the info.

This tool allows you to copy data to the clipboard, and it also allows you to view details about a proxy server and anonymity level. You can export data to plain text format and set the selected proxy server for Firefox or Internet Explorer and even Google Chrome.

The smart filtering system is a feature that helps the user to search for user-defined proxy servers. It is a reliable program that bundles a complete suite of tools, and it is more appropriate to be used by experienced users.

This program is able to search and make a database with free public proxy servers available for usage. One of the avenues to increase the security of the user when online is to use a proxy server. The proxy server hides the identity of the internet user by accessing data via a third party computer (commonly referred to as a proxy server). The Gather proxy applications work gathering information about free proxy servers on the internet which can be used to cloak internet connectivity.

The application automatically connects to and download a real-time list of live proxy servers with vital information such as the IP address of the server and the service port. Additional details about the proxy servers include country, time, last update, SSL feature, and the Uptime. Other excellent features of the app are the ability to copy the proxy servers to the clipboard, export to a text file, and designate a proxy server for major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Whenever you need to extract some typical data from multiple web pages, Web Content Extractor is the ultimate solution. Extract product pricing data, grab real estate data; parse Forex and stock market figures; extract book, song or movie information; gather news and articles on a certain topic; extract web content on hotels or car rentals in a given country; collect information from dating sites or job web-resources - this is merely a short list of Web Content Extractor possible applications. Of course, you are not limited with the above; the tool perfectly works with any kind of web information and thanks to fine customization it can deal with any website whatsoever.

Powerful, multi-threaded web crawler engine provides for quick and efficient data extraction. Web Content Extractor supports password protected websites and can access the Internet via multiple proxy-servers ensuring speed and reliability. Not only does the crawler support downloading with up to 10 simultaneous threads, it is also highly configurable. You can set it to ignore certain URLs or include them into the crawling process basing on a URL pattern match. Such flexibility means accurate web scraping at high pace, as well as is an additional way to customize the process.

It also operates under a minimal-logs privacy policy and is based in Switzerland, a jurisdiction that does not mandate any data-gathering for VPN providers. All this adds up to make Proton VPN one of the most trusted VPNs for keeping your data both private and secure.

You can make use of these fast download speeds by using the VPN for torrenting, too. allows P2P traffic on its free servers, it has a functional kill switch, and can be bound to your torrenting client via the SOCKS proxy. This kept our torrenting activity private while keeping speeds fast.

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