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Watch Friends S04E22 DVD

The meteors hit all over Smallville. Lois is stuck in traffic and cannot get out before the meteors hit. She gets out of Chloe's car and escapes to higher ground. In tears, she watches as Smallville lays in ruins. The Kent house is hit by a meteor with Jason, Jonathan, and Martha inside it. During the showers, Clark Kent saves a boy named Henry at the last second, protecting the boy by using his body as a shield.

Watch Friends S04E22 DVD

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Lex and Chloe see the light coming from the hidden chamber in the Kawatche Caves. Chloe pushes him against the cave wall from behind and he falls down, but she fails to knock him out. Clark combines all the Stones and the Crystal of Knowledge is created. Clark grabs the Crystal and is transported to the Arctic with Chloe unknowingly coming with him. He looks around the vast arctic landscape and in anger and confusion throws the Crystal.

As the seasons went on, real issues were dealt with in the foreground rather than the subtext: Buffy's aspirational California lifestyle was substituted for greater social realism from season five when she is forced to drop out of college and take a job at a suspicious burger joint to look after her high schooler "sister" Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) and keep a roof over their heads. "You feel like she should be rich or someone should just be funding her life so that she can do this full time and that's just not the case," says actress and writer Isaura Barbé-Brown. Buffy is certainly more Peter Parker than Tony Stark, and that's what made her so relatable, a quality bolstered by the type of friends she had: the so-called Scooby Gang, who were an eclectic mixture of high-school types. "I also liked the idea that the popular girl might actually decide that the nerdy one is quite fun, and you can form your own clique of outsiders," says Darke.

But while Buffy was clearly groundbreaking when it came to representation in some respects, it fell down badly in others. Apart from Bianca Lawson, who played Kendra Young, Buffy's shortlived fellow Slayer who was killed off in the second season after three episodes, and Ara Celi, who played the Inca Mummy Girl in one episode of season two, women of colour were practically nonexistent until season seven when the so-called Potential Slayers (or slayers-in-training) were introduced, adding slightly more ethnic diversity. "When I was younger, I didn't really notice [the whiteness of the show] because so much of TV was like that and there was a real segregation between watching the show that has all black people in it and then every other show that just [didn't] have any," Barbé-Brown says, noting Buffy's mostly white writing staff. "I don't feel like anyone who [was] running the show [was] capable of handling [race]."

With all that to consider, has the show's legacy been irreparably tainted? Whedon's mission statement of delivering "the joy of female power" does not always seem to have manifested behind the scenes or in front of the camera. And yet, 25 years on, one cannot deny the importance of what Buffy the Vampire Slayer did, in centring several strong female characters within a populist genre format, thereby pushing the boundaries of what was expected from a female-led TV series. But, as with a lot of old shows, including its peers from the 90s, like Friends, it's hardly a surprise, perhaps, that there are character and narrative elements that have aged badly. "There are some characters that you're going to look at and go 'why on earth are they behaving that way?' but you have to remember that was 25 years ago, and if you can look at it as a period piece, you can still get a lot of modern day benefits from it," says McKillop, who is rewatching the series with her own daughter. "She's getting a lot out of it. Not necessarily the same things that I got out of it when I first watched it, but she's definitely getting some good messages."

The Pilot Episode. We meet Steven, who acquires a magical time travel device, who then uses it to make comebacks towards mean-spirited cashier, Lars. But when he starts to get out of control with time travel magic, he must save his friends from chaos.

The man resets the scene to a outer corridor, presumably on Babylon 5, with soldiers lined up. This time, he reprograms the Sheridan replica and makes it speak like a brutal warmonger, prompting it to order a firing squad execute several cowering prisoners (both Delenn and Franklin reacts to this display suggesting they must act, but are put into passive mode by the operator). Next, he recreates Medlab and reprograms the Franklin replica to be in the process of conducting genetic experimentation, as he logs the purpose of this. After that moment, the Garibaldi replica starts cut into the scene. He reveals that he knows about Daniel's identity, and begins speaking with him in a confiding manner, until Daniel eventually admits that the propaganda program is just a prelude to a surprise attack. Garibaldi then reveals that his AI programming has just broken free of the restrictions imposed by the studio's systems and thus cannot be turned off, further informing him that he has transmitted their entire conversation to the regime's adversaries. As a result, they have immediately launched a preemptive counter-strike against Politdivision's military facilities, which Garibaldi states is more humane than targeting civilians as PolitDivision had planned to demoralize their now adversaries. As it so happens, the studio on which they stand is on a military installation. Daniel panics and flees the studio, while Garibaldi bids his holographic friends to "rest easy."

On a father/son camping trip with the Abbotts, Ephram reveals that he came back to Everwood because he is still in love with Amy, and Bright reveals that he might break up with Hannah because she doesn't believe in premarital sex. Back in town Ephram asks Reid not to date Amy at all and he backs off. Amy and Ephram repair their friendship. Studying together late one night, they wind up sleeping together. Afterward Ephram, wanting to repair their romantic relationship as well, gives Amy a Christmas present and reveals that he wrote her postcards while in Europe but never sent them to her. She asks to take them home and read them but later explains that she does not want to become romantically involved with Ephram again because she is trying to figure out her own identity.

After his accident Hannah and Bright decide to be friends again but do not rekindle their relationship. She passes up a full scholarship to Notre Dame to attend Colorado A&M and to stay in Everwood. The fate of Hannah and Bright's romantic relationship was left open.

The Last Roundup is the fourteenth episode of the second season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the fortieth episode overall. After Applejack sends a note to her family and friends that says she will not return to Ponyville after competing in the Equestria Rodeo Competition in Canterlot, her friends decide to find her and understand her motives.

Shortly after airing, some viewers complained that Derpy's portrayal was offensive to mentally disabled persons and contradicted the show's lessons about friendship. Amy Keating Rogers responded with a statement which was republished on Equestria Daily.[5] According to Rogers, Derpy's scene was originally longer and included a flashback that showed how town hall was damaged; when Derpy was removing lightning from thunderclouds, she "bucked bolts" too close to the building. Rogers intended this clumsy pony to be called Ditzy Doo as a reference to the episode Winter Wrap Up, but was asked to name her Derpy as a "tip of the hat" to the fans.[5]

In the factory, Applejack uses a treadmill to power a conveyor belt transporting yellow and red cherries. Applejack frowns when her friends are hired to be red/yellow cherry sorters. Twilight takes the opportunity to ask Applejack what she thought of Canterlot and the rodeo. Rainbow Dash joins in, asking if she saw Wild Bull Hickok and Calamity Mane. Rarity also leaves her post and inquires how Applejack met Miss Jubilee. Applejack curtly responds that she befriended Miss Jubilee at her cherry stand at the rodeo.

The five friends are then seen mopping up the juice on the floor and walls. Calling for drastic measures, Rainbow Dash says it's time to "call in the big guns," and the camera dramatically zooms in on Pinkie Pie.

When friends of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer get engaged, the four decide to go in on a large present for their engagement party. They decide to buy a big-screen TV, but must drive George's father's car to be able to move it. At the mall, Kramer convinces George to park in the handicap spot, but when they return to the car they find that a woman in a wheelchair couldn't park in the spot and the battery on her chair died because she had to park so far away, causing her to slide down a ramp and fall out of her chair. An angry crowd was waiting for the driver to return so they could beat him. The four decided to wait it out, but when they returned the car was destroyed. George lied to his father about what happened to the car. Later, at a party honoring George's father's community service, the police arrest George's father for parking in a handicapped spot. He is let off with a pricey ticket.

At the schoolyard, Jamie and Darwin are sitting in complete silence. It is revealed that they are sitting on Gumball, who has contorted himself into the shape of a bench at the request of Jamie. Sarah then walks by, saying hi to Darwin. Jamie is insulted by this, accusing Darwin of cheating on her with Sarah. Sarah becomes confused, as Jamie proceeds to throw a bin at her in a gorilla-like state. She then chases and attacks Sarah around the schoolyard, as Gumball and Darwin watch in confusion. Gumball tells Darwin to use body language if he does not want to speak to Jamie, making multiple signs with his head. Jamie reappears with a spot of ice-cream on her face. Gumball goes to take Sarah to the infirmary, as Jamie smiles at Darwin. 041b061a72

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