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Buy Diamond Stud Earrings

The diamond shape you choose for your studs is all about preference. The most common shape for earrings is round-cut diamonds, followed by princess-cut diamonds, which are a square shape. For everyday wear, you may want to choose diamonds that are 1.50 CTW or smaller. Those with sensitive ears should opt for platinum since it is a hypoallergenic metal. Otherwise, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are all beautiful choices for your studs.

buy diamond stud earrings

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Not sure where to start? Don't stress - whether you are buying 1-carat diamond earrings or 3-carat diamond earrings, finding the right pair is easy. Get tips from the experts on how to buy the perfect diamond studs.

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab under HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) or through CVD (chemical vapor deposition). These processes attempt to mimic the natural diamond formation process on Earth.

Elevate your wardrobe with our selection of sparkling lab grown diamond stud earrings, featuring double-notch friction back posts for added security. Quality and modern luxury of lab grown diamonds give our wide collection of stud earrings the perfect combination of indulgent designs for any occasion.

Our diamond earrings offer all the significant sparkles for a fraction of the price due to lab grown origins and are comfortable on the ears. Lab grown diamonds exhibit 60-70% more scintillation than natural diamonds, making them ultra-luxurious to wear. Our lab-created diamonds have G-H color and VS/SI clarity, which are better quality than J-K-L color and I1/2 clarity, commonly found at other jewelry stores.

We offer a complimentary 3-year care plan with every earrings purchase over $400. This includes a lifetime of prong tightening and cleaning. Do you have a particular budget in mind? Our Buy Now Pay Later option caters to your needs, offering an easy alternative.

Choosing the right stud earrings depend on various factors such as the gemstones, metals, the shape of your face, the style of your clothing. For a round or oval shape a versatile pair of studs can be worn with anything. If you want something a little more unique, then try a pair in a teardrop or marquise cut. If you have a warm skin tone, then go for earrings in yellow gold or rose gold. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style.

A glass of water is the perfect way to spot fake stud earrings. If the diamonds on the stud earrings are real they will sink, if fake they will float onto the surface of the water. Also you can see if the studs are made of metal, they should have a smooth, shiny surface. If the studs are made of plastic, they may have a duller surface.

If you have a round face, you will want to choose stud earrings that are oval or teardrop-shaped. If you have an oval face, you can choose any shape of stud earring. If you have a square face, you will want to choose stud earrings that are round or oval-shaped. If you have a heart-shaped face, you will want to choose stud earrings that are teardrop-shaped.

Explore our stunning selection of diamond stud earrings at JCPenney in numerous sizes and price points, so everyone can find something they love. Whether you're looking for yellow gold, white gold, or even rose gold, you'll find the perfect metal type for your new pair of diamond studs. We also have a wide range of stone colors to help you find the ideal pair of earrings. Go for classic single studs, or choose a multi-stone setting for a bit of extra flair to wear at work or on the weekend.

Whether you're looking to get your first pair of diamond stud earrings or shopping for a new pair to add to your collection, these diamond stud earrings at JCPenney are ready to make you swoon. Shop these beautiful stud earrings and other diamond jewelry online to save more. Free shipping available.

I can't believe the service and the jewelry deals that this jewelry store has. It's unbelievable! My favorite are there selection of diamond rings and stackable bands. I brought some for my daughters and they love them!

I had such a great time shopping here! I bought some diamond earrings for myself. And I'm so happy with how they look on me. Their gemstone jewelry that they have are beautiful. I'm thinking of buying some later.

Since 2017, StoneAlgo has helped over 500,000 diamond shoppers find a better diamond at a fair and transparent price. Whether you're shopping at Tiffany's, Zales, or your local jeweler, we can help you find a better diamond online for a much, much lower price.

The rationale behind these guidelines is really simple. Unlike buying a diamond for an engagement ring where the viewing distance is much closer, diamond earrings are often seen from a longer distance.

This means that the naked eye will find it extremely hard to pick up color and clarity issues in casual viewing. A well cut diamond with near colorless G-I ratings will face up white and the majority of inclusions in VS-SI ratings will not be visible.

On the other hand, carat size and sparkle (cut quality) will be the first things that people notice when they see someone wear a pair of diamond earrings. When buying larger sized diamonds (above 0.3ct), you want to be choosing your own diamonds and make sure they come with a GIA/AGS certificate.

Diamond earrings are popular forms of jewelry you can find in almost every jewelry store. I know most people will have a tendency to start shopping at local stores but you could be making a big mistake by doing so.

From personal experience, the vast majority of diamond earrings being sold are priced excessively for the mediocre product quality they offer. In my opinion, there are 4 things to look for when sizing up a retailer.

If you are choosing diamonds for your earrings, having a good inventory of choices for you to cherry pick from is mandatory. Most stores expect you to buy based on whatever they have on hand and in most cases, this means you likely have to compromise on your budget and quality.

When buying a big-ticket item, the difference in prices can easily amount to thousands of dollars. For example, a 20% difference on a $5000 pair of earrings can equate to $1000 of cash that you can use towards other things.

Do note that if you are comparing prices, you need to be comparing apples to apples. This is because factors like diamond quality, certification and even business overheads can cause price differences.

One thing I love about Blue Nile is that they cater to people of different budgets and requirements. Whether you are shopping for a $1,000 pair of diamond earrings or a $10,000 pair of diamond studs, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

In my opinion, they are the best place to buy preset diamond earrings and have plenty of options available for people with smaller budgets. Blue Nile has a 30 day money back guarantee where you can choose to get your money back or perform an exchange if you are unsatisfied with the finished product.

For many first time shoppers, the diamond industry can be very difficult to navigate as there is a lack of transparency and knowledge gap. One of the biggest problems is that most consumers have no idea what they are buying or how their diamond really looks like (yes, even buying in a physical store poses such issues).

Shopping at James Allen changes all that as their video technology provides true-to-life, high definition videos of every single diamond in their collection. This enables you to examine what you are buying in full detail and see exactly what you are getting in a pressure-free environment.

When it comes to diamond earring designs, they have 100s of preset designs for you to choose from and a number of designs for you to create your own studs from scratch. They are also the best place to buy diamond stud earrings especially if you are looking for fancy shaped diamonds.

White Flash is on the top of my recommendation list because of their business transparency, affordability and consumer-orientated sales policies. One key feature that makes White Flash stand out is the strict curation standards they use in their signature A Cut Above diamonds.

Not only are their diamonds hand selected for the best cut precision and light performance, but they are also completely transparent about listing data for each of their signature diamonds. From hearts and arrows images to ASET/Idealscope images, a shopper can quickly use these data to analyze and make informed decisions.

When it comes to diamond earrings, White Flash also stands out from other vendors because of the high-quality melees they use in their jewelry production (i.e. halo, pave designs). These are finely crafted diamonds that are polished for the best sparkle and will elevate the appearance of the jewelry piece.

These are highly trustworthy companies with proven track records of delivering high quality diamond jewelry. All 3 vendors offer a good range of product choices and quality but there are some slight differentiating factors between them.

The best place to buy diamond earrings would depend on what you are looking for and your personal preferences. With that, I wish you the best of luck in your search and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me for a 2nd opinion or if you need help to pick out a pair of matching diamonds.

So what are your suggestions on ranges of Color and Clarity? What minimum cut parameters? Any thoughts on size (Carat)? I was thinking of spending $7000-$9000 (and looking at Brian Gavin and Whiteflash it seems diamonds with G-J, VS1-S1, ideal symmetry and cut, no fluorescence, would be in 0.7-0.8 Carat range). But I am flexible if it makes sense to be. 041b061a72

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