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Download Firedac Delphi 7 And 58l

When clicking the "Download" link, the zip-archived Database Comparer VCL installation will be downloaded. If you click the "Run Installer" link, the Database Comparer VCL installation will run immediately after downloading from our website.

Download Firedac Delphi 7 And 58l

Download File:

The following example projects are available to demonstrate the functionality of Database Comparer VCL components. These are included in the Database Comparer VCL installer or by downloading zip-archived demo projects from the links below. (Note: The zip archives include both the source code and compiled demo applications. All compiled demos run directly without needing to be installed):

Be sure to use the correct certificate identifier name and the correct path to the certificate to connect successfully. Before connecting, confirm that you have downloaded the correct certificate. For more information, see Using SSL to encrypt a connection to a DB instance.

Attached is the only instructions we found on the web for installing the ICS components. As you can see they are quite old. There are no instructions on how to install the ICS components in the downloaded zip file.

I downloaded the JCL and JVCL master zip files from sourceforge.I then ran the install.bat file for the JCL and encountered the JEDI.INC file missing error.So I downloaded the master file and put it in the ..\jcl\source\include folder.I re-ran the .bat file and now get a BCC32.exe not found error.So I tried a different tack and opened the JclPackagesD240.groupproj manually and installed that.That seemed to work fine ... seemed to ...I then tried to run the jvcl install.bat file and it gives:"No Delphi/BCB/BDS/RAD-Studio versions was found that has the required dependencies installed. Please install the dependencies first."

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