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With this release, cstark27 collaborated with two other XDA members to bring most of the Pixel 4's features to older devices, as well as enable new options that aren't officially available in Google's own Camera app. Chief among the changes is a manual astrophotography toggle and a light painting mode, but there's much more to delve into.


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In Camera PX 4.0 (also known as GCam), you can enable a new Show Astro Buttons menu under Settings > PX Mod Settings. When on, it adds two permanent astrophotography (three stars) and light painting (pen drawing) icons to the camera in Night Sight. So instead of keeping your phone steady, pointing it at a dark patch of sky, and hoping for the astro toast message to appear, you can manually trigger it and rest easy knowing you'll get the shot type you want.

Another major addition to this mod is a new Lib Patcher, accessible directly from settings. This lets you control all the post-processing your phone does after the photo is taken, from darkening and denoising the sky in astro mode, to general sharpness, saturation, and more. Tinker with these at your own risk, or leave them set to default if you don't want to things mess up.

There are also choices for the maximum zoom level, maximum exposure time in astro mode, and default Portrait zoom (1.5x or 2x), plus an option to force Time Lapse videos to save in 4K instead of 1080p. And if you're heartbroken about the disappearance of Smart Burst in favor of those low-res videos, you can get it back, so that tapping the shutter for a few seconds snaps a bunch of still images like it used to.

This update is to remove the custom Radial menu which is causing more issues than it's worth.Mod items will now be found within a Modded radial menu tab at the end of the tabs list. Item groups will be loaded in the order that your mods are loaded, Ie if a NiteOwl mod is last in line than all item groups will populate in the last Modded Tab.

The Creative Tool is similar in function to the Terrain Tool, with extra functions. It can raise, lower and flatten terrain, with two new options to pick color directly from surrounding soil and a painting mode, removing the need to use Terrain Analyzers and a Inhibitor Mod to paint terrain. Pressing while holding the tool will bring up the Creative Tool menu, with options to change deform speed, size and range of the reticle, and an option to ignore hardness while digging. Below those are color options, allowing the player to select from a preset of colors on the left, and all colors found on the planet on the right.

Aero is a camera drone that is only available in Creative Mode, and it allows for players to get clear views and can be used to take better images or videos without a player being in the frame. There is an option to toggle on and off the UI in the Creative options menu.

The 80D & 2000D features a bright, high resolution, flip-out Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor for shooting at a variety of angles. By easily switching between low and high angles, the 80D & 200D freely enables angle adjustments even if the camera is mounted on refractor or newtonian telescope.Touchscreen and Wifi will be so helpful for astrophotography too.

There are two new useful functions [ interval timer / Bulb Timer] in 80D menu setting. [Interval timer] can work with 30sec under exposure time except Build mode, it can control number of shots and interval time of each shots.[Bulb Timer] can set the exposure time in Bulb mode, this make shooting of astro photo without any external release.

If you're using Internet Explorer 6+, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Within the Internet Options window, select the Privacy tab. The default browser setting is medium, which allows you to accept cookies. To change this setting, move the slider to determine which setting you prefer. If your setting has been set to Custom, click the Advanced button and choose Accept Cookies.

If you're using Internet Explorer 5.x, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Within the Internet Options window, select the Security tab. Select Internet, then Custom Level. Scroll down to Cookies and choose Enable.

I have recently had a Canon EOS R astro modded by JTW Astronomy. I have the H-Alpha mod, not full spectrum. I am planning on having first light tonight and was wondering, since it is my first modded camera, how to go about the white balance. I believe the Canon Ra already has some white balance settings baked into in factory to take care of the altered sensitivity, but have no idea how this would work on a modded one. I will, of course, shoot RAW, but the I guess the closer you get when shooting the better...

It really doesn't matter since when shooting RAW you can do all color balance in post, but it makes the back-of-camera images look more natural if you have the correct color balance. The best way to do this is to set a custom white balance using a neutral grey card in sunlight. With my 600D, it's just a matter of taking a picture of it illuminated by sunlight, selecting the picture from the custom white balance menu, and it'll calculate the appropriate adjustments to your image. In a pinch, you can use a sheet of white paper instead of a neutral grey card.

Google's astrophotography mode which debuted back in 2019 wowed everyone with its unique ability to capture the night sky in stunning detail. It was an instant hit among stargazing enthusiasts for making what was essentially a hobby reserved for professional photographers, more accessible for amateurs with a smartphone. The mode hasn't seen any significant changes since it first debuted on the Pixel 4, but it remains one of the highlight features of the Pixel phones even today due to the lack of something similar on competing high-end smartphones.

Samsung missed the mark with its Galaxy S22 series by not having any kind of astrophotography mode, but it's fixing that now with a workaround. It's updating its Expert RAW camera app to include a new 'Astrophoto' mode. While this isn't a full-fledged alternative to Pixel's astrophotography mode, it offers night photography enthusiasts a way to capture clear and bright skies using Samsung's latest Galaxy S22 series phones. In this post, we'll tell you how to get started with the astrophoto mode on the Galaxy S22. Let's dive in!

The end result will depend on various factors that affect astrophotography in general. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to perfecting the shooting condition for astrophotography. Perhaps one of the most important things is to ensure there are no major light sources for at least 10 miles. You can take advantage of applications like 'Light Pollution Map' to find the darkest areas around your city. We highly recommend stepping outside the metropolis to capture the night sky, and this application will help you find the right spots.

Several weather conditions also affect astrophotography, so it's also important to ensure you're not attempting to shoot the stars in cloudy weather. The sky covered with thick blocks of cloud isn't ideal for astrophotography, so we recommend using a weather app to identify a good time to step out. There's no shortage of weather apps on Android, but you might want to check something like 'Weather Underground' to check for other stats like moon phases, AQI, and wind speeds too.

Having no built-in timer or intervalometer in the 6D is definitely a drawback when it comes to nighttime and astrophotography, but this can be overcome with a simple external intervalometer/remote timer.

If you want something newer, mirrorless, H-Alpha sensitive and with better low light performance than all the aforementioned, the best way to go is to shell out on either a Sony A7III (opens in new tab), Nikon Z6 (opens in new tab), or Canon R6 (opens in new tab) and have it converted to an astrophotography modification.

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