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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Mining Simulator 2 | Auto Fish Script PATCHED

Fishing in a mining simulator? Yes, it's a thing now. Rumble Studios released the summer update in Roblox Mining Simulator 2 with a brand-new island. This summer island has a new mine, mini-games, and the best part, fishing! If you're tired of mining blocks, but you still want to spend time in the game, fishing is the perfect escape.

Mining Simulator 2 | Auto Fish Script

When you load into the island, you will see a bridge at the shore near the new mining area. This is where you can fish to get the ocean fish. Rock Fish is the most common Ocean Fish and gives you the least amount of tickets.

NIMAA v0.1.0: Implements a pipeline for nominal data mining, which can effectively find special relationships between data. See Jafari et al. (2021) for a description of the method and the vignette for an introduction. 041b061a72

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