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RKAndroidTool V1.35

RKAndroidTool v1.35: The Best Way to Flash Android Tablets with Fuzhou Rockchips SoC

If you have an Android tablet that uses a Fuzhou Rockchips System on Chip (SoC), you may want to flash a new firmware to update your device, fix some issues, or customize it to your liking. However, flashing a firmware can be a risky and complicated process if you don't have the right tools and instructions. That's why you need RKAndroidTool v1.35, a simple and reliable program that can help you flash your tablet with ease.

What is RKAndroidTool v1.35?

RKAndroidTool v1.35 is a Windows-based software that can flash the firmware of Android tablets that use the Rockchip RK29xx, RK30xx, RK31xx, and RK32xx series of SoCs. It can flash the whole firmware or individual partitions such as boot, recovery, system, data, cache, etc. It can also backup and restore your device's parameters and user data.


How to Download and Install RKAndroidTool v1.35?

The first step is to download RKAndroidTool v1.35 from the official website of Fuzhou Rockchips Electronics. The file size is 19.45 MB and it supports Windows XP/XP 64-bit/Vista/Vista 64-bit/7/7 64-bit/8/8 64-bit/8.1 64-bit operating systems.

The next step is to install the USB driver for your device on your PC. There are two methods of installing the driver: using the RKDriverAssistant tool or manually. If you have already installed the USB driver, you can skip this step.

  • To install the driver using the RKDriverAssistant tool, download and extract the file from the same website. Then double click on DriverInstall.exe in the RKDriverAssistant directory to start the utility. If you have previously tried to install the Rockchip USB drivers for any Rockchip devices, make sure you click "Uninstall Driver" first. Then click "Install Driver" and when the driver has finished installing, shut down your tablet and connect it to your PC in Maskrom mode (see below). Your PC should detect your device and you will see it within device manager.

  • To install the driver manually, download the appropriate driver file for your Windows version from the same website. For example, for Windows 8, download the file. Then shut down your tablet and connect it to your PC in Maskrom mode (see below). Your PC should detect your device as an unknown device within device manager. Select the unknown device then right click and select "Update Driver Software". Select "Browse the computer for driver software". Find the unzipped driver file you downloaded earlier and select either the 32/64bit folder then click "OK" to install. When the driver is installed successfully, you will see a Rockusb Device in the device manager window.

How to Flash Firmware with RKAndroidTool v1.35?

The final step is to flash the firmware with RKAndroidTool v1.35. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the firmware file for your device from a trusted source. The firmware file should have a .img extension and contain all the necessary partitions for your device.

  • Extract the RKAndroidTool file you downloaded earlier and run AndroidTool.exe in the RKAndroidTool directory.

  • Boot your tablet into Maskrom mode by pressing and holding a specific key combination while connecting it to your PC via USB cable. The key combination may vary depending on your device model, but it usually involves pressing and holding one of the volume buttons or a reset button. You can also enter Maskrom mode by shorting two pins on the board or by erasing the IDB (internal data block) of your device using another tool such as RKBatchTool or RkFlashKit. You can find more information about how to enter Maskrom mode for different devices on various online forums and websites.

  • When your tablet is in Maskrom mode, you should see "Found One MASKROM Device" at the bottom of the RKAndroidTool window. Then select the firmware file (.img) you downloaded earlier by clicking on the "..." button next to the "Image" field.

  • After that, you can choose to flash the whole firmware or individual partitions by checking or unchecking the boxes next to each partition name. You can also backup and restore your device's parameters and user data by clicking on the "Parameter" and "Backup" tabs respectively.

  • When you are ready to flash, click on the "Upgrade" button and wait for the process to complete. Do not disconnect your device or interrupt the power supply during the flashing process. You should see a green "Upgrade Done Success" message when the flashing is finished.

  • Finally, disconnect your device from your PC and reboot it. You should see the new firmware running on your device. Enjoy!


RKAndroidTool v1.35 is a handy and easy-to-use tool that can help you flash your Android tablet with a Fuzhou Rockchips SoC. It can flash the whole firmware or individual partitions, backup and restore your device's parameters and user data, and support various Windows versions. However, flashing a firmware is still a risky and complicated process that may void your warranty, damage your device, or cause data loss. Therefore, you should always backup your important data before flashing, follow the instructions carefully, and proceed at your own risk.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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