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Excel Image Assistant Full Version Download

Excel Image Assistant: A Useful Add-in for Inserting Images in Excel

If you are looking for a way to easily insert and manage images in your Excel spreadsheets, you might want to check out Excel Image Assistant. This is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows you to view and insert images in any of the tables you create or adjust. It is especially useful if you want to create catalogs with images to help sort the various entries.

How to Download and Install Excel Image Assistant

Excel Image Assistant is compatible with the latest Microsoft Office apps, including the 365 suite Excel product. You can download a free demo version with some limitations from the official website. The full version costs $19.95 and can be purchased online. To install the add-in properly, please follow these simple steps:

Download File:

  • Close Excel (all opened workbooks)

  • Run downloaded / unzipped setup file

  • Start Excel, find Excel Image Assistant 2.0 on the ribbon. Older Excel Image Assistant is located under add-ins. If the add-in menu or Excel Image Assistant button is missing, please check FAQ

You should see a new tab named Excel Image Assistant in the upper program ribbon. This tab holds all the tools and perks you might need for inserting image files into your table.

How to Use Excel Image Assistant

Once the installation is confirmed as having been successful, you can choose to insert, delete or compress a picture. An additional feature allows you to insert more than one picture, but you will need to purchase a license to access it. You can also adjust some settings by clicking on the Settings button. Here, you can decide on what extensions should be used with the add-in, if the images should be directly inserted into cells, picture properties, and directions according to the chosen insertion method. You can also add a path for your image repository. This makes it easy when you want to insert more than one picture.

Excel Image Assistant is a simple yet very helpful add-in for Excel. It is one of those features you might have expected Microsoft to have included already with their product. Nevertheless, with such swift integration, there is no need for any official updates to the Excel app.


  • : Download now free demo - Excel Image Assistant

  • : Buy now - Excel Image Assistant

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