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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Dba 3 Army Lists Pdfl

To align with these FoG lists I have changed the DBA list in several ways: (i) added a Kn option for the caballeros villanos; (ii) increased the massed missile options (Bw and CB); (iii) decreased the compulsory javelinmen; (iv) introduced the option for massed javelinmen (particularly relevant to Feudal Navarrese and Aragonese). I have given the option to mass either crossbowmen or archers, but not both.

Dba 3 Army Lists Pdfl

I assume the DBA lists (both 2.2 and 3.0) has the caballeros villanos as cavalry (CV) because they were more lightly equipped than the hidalgos and could fight separately. However, the Spanish were egalitarian in their attitude to cavalry (if you had a horse you were cavalry), knight (Kn) is more about attitude than equipment and there is no evidence the caballeros villanos lacked attitude, and the caballeros villanos were often brigaded with the hidalgos. All of which, in my mind, justifies giving the cavalleros villanos a knight (Kn) option.

The DBA 3.0 list has two compulsory javelinmen skirmishers (Ps). The FoG lists make them optional. The exception is for Feudal Navarrese and Aragonese who have more javelinmen (Ps or Ax) than spearmen (Sp).

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