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An issue raised in this chapter (and the previous chapter) is the re-integration of any dynamic systems back into non-dynamic scenes, rigid body dynamics can be baked out as can soft body dynamics. Keeping this in mind will allow you to make the correct choices about the way that the effect will be handled using Maya and what resources will be needed in terms of time and processing power when the integration of dynamics into keyframed scenes will occur. Because of the nature of the calculations required for rigid bodies, optimizing their use is of paramount importance. Often, a low-resolution stand-in object can be used to provide the physical interactions required in a scene, removing the need for expensive computation times. It is also worth bearing in mind that the motion of a rigid body or soft body may only provide the starting point for the completed motion. Often, a production will require that additional subtle motion be added using keyframes, a method that would be impractical if only dynamic simulation was used. Once baked out, you are free to manipulate all aspects of a dynamic body.

Download Power Nurbs Pro Free

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