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Ezra Long
Ezra Long

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an educational community that can help others understand the unique relationship that people have with wildlife, and how that relationship can be used to promote a healthier environment, is vital to the future of israel. in the coming months, as the upper course grows we will continue to build a community of people dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife that is a part of our lives. i hope you will visit our website and learn more about the plans and future of the upper course.

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i must admit that before now i have been blissfully ignorant of, if not indifferent to, the notion of israeli environmentalism . however, as i have grown up in gush etzion i have a new appreciation and understanding of the fact that nature is what keeps us sane in one of the most unstable regions in the world.

there are three reasons why most of us never give our children a chance to learn their letters. we don't want to limit their growth. we can only do so much, and we are afraid that any pressure to master a skill like letter recognition will end in tears.

more importantly, we recognize that our children have the power to grow into the people they want to be. but it is easy to get discouraged when they fail to learn a skill like letter recognition, as if we failed them. the reality is that we didn't fail our kids. they failed themselves.

every achievement is the fruit of hard work and learning. unfortunately, we are so busy preparing our kids for the things we know they can do, that we aren't doing anything to prepare them for the things they might need to learn.

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