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Ballroom E Youkoso

  • Chinatsu HiyamaAnimeMangaNameJapanese:Romaji:緋山 千夏 (ひやま ちなつ)Hiyama ChinatsuAliases:Chi-chan (by Tatara)CharacteristicsGender:FemaleBirthdate:July 25 (Leo)Blood Type:AAge:16Height:164 cm (5'5")Weight:47 kg (103.4 lbs)Hair Color:RedEye Color:RedPersonal StatusStatus:AliveOccupation:Highschool student

  • Dancer

  • AssociatesPartner(s):Akira Koumoto (Past)

  • Tatara Fujita(Current)

First AppearanceManga:Heat 18Anime:Episode 12Voice ActorsJapanese:Chinatsu AkasakiImage GalleryChinatsu Hiyama (緋山 千夏, Hiyama Chinatsu?) is one of the main characters in the Ballroom e Youkoso series. She is a professional ballroom dancer and is partnered with Tatara Fujita.

Ballroom e Youkoso

Tatara Fujita is a young, ordinary Japanese student who wishes he had an activity he could excel in or simply be good at, in order to improve his meek personality. On the way back from school, he gets approached by a bunch of bullies who try to extort him, but is rescued by a young man called Kaname Sengoku. Sengoku turns out to be a professional ballroom dancer, who is interested in recruiting Tatara to the Ogasawara Dance Studio. He reluctantly accepts to take a few classes, but takes a step further into the competitive and entrancing world of ballroom dancing, inspired by one of the studio's other pupils, the beautiful dance prodigy Shizuku. 041b061a72

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