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Geforce Gtx 550 Ti Update Drivers For Mac

To download and install the drivers, follow the steps below: STEP 1: Make sure your Mac OS X software version is v10.10.4 (14E46). It is important that you check this first before you install the 346.01.03f01 Driver. Click on the Apple icon (upper left corner of the screen) and select About This Mac. Click the More Info button to see the exact build version number (14E46) in the Software field. STEP 2: If your OS X software version has not been updated, in the About This Mac window, click on the Software Update button STEP 3: Continue to install software updates until your system OS is reported to be v10.10.4 (14E46) STEP 4: Review the NVIDIA Software License. Check terms and conditions checkbox to allow driver download. You will need to accept this license prior to downloading any files. STEP 5: Download the Driver File Download - WebDriver-346.01.03f01.pkg STEP 6: Install After downloading the driver package, it should automatically launch the installer. If it does not, double-click on the driver package from your download target location. It will guide you through the installation process. Click Continue after you read the License Agreement and then click Agree STEP 7: Click Install on the Standard Installer screen. You will be required to enter an Administrator password to continue STEP 8: Click Continue Installation on the Warning screen: The Warning screen lets you know that you will need to restart your system once the installation process is complete. STEP 9: Click Restart on the Installation Completed Successfully screen.

Geforce Gtx 550 Ti Update Drivers For Mac

Download File:

Thank you so much for posting this. It worked perfectly on my Mid-2014 15" MacBook Pro Retina with the GT750M GPU. I was annoyed by the update message every boot, and disappointed that I could no longer access the real power of my GPU. Your post has solved all of this. Thanks again!

Est-ce que je dois utiliser votre procédure, bien que le message ne soit pas update requiered, mais No GPU Detected ? Et que GPU Driver version : No version found apparait en grisé (juste en dessous)

CUDA isn't a requirement for running the Adobe video apps, but if you prefer CUDA graphics acceleration, you must have CUDA 10.1 or newer drivers from NVIDIA installed on your system before upgrading to Premiere Elements 2023.

If your driver is older than 100.6286 and your PC manufacturer does not provide a compatible version, it is recommended that you do not install a version later than 100.6286 from the Intel site. Driver version 100.6444 is a Windows DCH driver which does not install cleanly on top of older, legacy drivers.

  • This metapackage depends on the NVIDIA binary driver and librariesthat provide optimized hardware acceleration ofOpenGL/GLX/EGL/GLES/Vulkan applications via a direct-rendering X Server.Please see the nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-dkms ornvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-source packagesfor building the kernel module required by this package.This will provide nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-390.154.This legacy version is the last release that supports the following GPUs:GeForce 410M [GF119M], GeForce 510 [GF119], GeForce 605 [GF119],GeForce 610M [GF108M], GeForce 610M [GF119M], GeForce 610M [GF117M],GeForce 705M [GF119M], GeForce 710A [GK107M], GeForce 710M [GF117M],GeForce 810M [GF117M], GeForce 810M [GK107M], GeForce 820M [GF117M],GeForce 820M [GK107M], GeForce 825M [GK208M], GeForce 910M [GK208BM],GeForce GT 415M [GF108M], GeForce GT 420 [GF108], GeForce GT 420M [GF108M],GeForce GT 425M [GF108M], GeForce GT 430 [GF108], GeForce GT 435M [GF106M],GeForce GT 435M [GF108M], GeForce GT 440 [GF106], GeForce GT 440 [GF108],GeForce GT 445M [GF106M], GeForce GT 520 [GF108], GeForce GT 520 [GF119],GeForce GT 520M [GF108M], GeForce GT 520M [GF119M],GeForce GT 520MX [GF119M], GeForce GT 525M [GF108M], GeForce GT 530 [GF108],GeForce GT 540M [GF108M], GeForce GT 545 OEM [GF116], GeForce GT 545 [GF116],GeForce GT 550M [GF106M], GeForce GT 550M [GF108M], GeForce GT 550M [GF116M],GeForce GT 555M [GF106M], GeForce GT 555M [GF108M], GeForce GT 555M [GF116M],GeForce GT 560M [GF116M], GeForce GT 610 [GF108], GeForce GT 610 [GF119],GeForce GT 620 OEM [GF119], GeForce GT 620 [GF108], GeForce GT 620M [GF108M],GeForce GT 620M [GF117M], GeForce GT 620M LE [GF108M],GeForce GT 625 OEM [GF119], GeForce GT 625M [GF117M], GeForce GT 630 [GF108],GeForce GT 630M [GF117M], GeForce GT 630M LE [GF108M],GeForce GT 635M [GF108M], GeForce GT 635M [GF116M],GeForce GT 635M LE [GF108M], GeForce GT 640 OEM [GF116],GeForce GT 640M LE [GF108M], GeForce GT 640M LE [GK107M],GeForce GT 640M Mac Edition [GK107M], GeForce GT 645 OEM [GF114],GeForce GT 645M [GK107M], GeForce GT 650M [GK107M],GeForce GT 650M Mac Edition [GK107M], GeForce GT 705 [GF119],GeForce GT 720M [GF117M], GeForce GT 720M [GK208M], GeForce GT 730 [GF108],GeForce GT 730M [GK107M], GeForce GT 730M [GK208M], GeForce GT 735M [GK208M],GeForce GT 740M [GK107M], GeForce GT 745M [GK107M], GeForce GT 750M [GK107M],GeForce GT 750M Mac Edition [GK107M], GeForce GT 755M [GK107M],GeForce GT 755M Mac Edition [GK107M], GeForce GTS 450 OEM [GF106],GeForce GTS 450 [GF106], GeForce GTS 450 Rev. 2 [GF116],GeForce GTS 450 Rev. 3 [GF116], GeForce GTX 460 OEM [GF104],GeForce GTX 460 [GF104], GeForce GTX 460 v2 [GF114],GeForce GTX 460 SE [GF104], GeForce GTX 460 SE v2 [GF114],GeForce GTX 460M [GF106M], GeForce GTX 465 [GF100], GeForce GTX 470 [GF100],GeForce GTX 470M [GF104M], GeForce GTX 480 [GF100],GeForce GTX 480M [GF100M], GeForce GTX 485M [GF104M],GeForce GTX 550 Ti [GF116], GeForce GTX 555 [GF114],GeForce GTX 560 OEM [GF110], GeForce GTX 560 [GF114],GeForce GTX 560 SE [GF114], GeForce GTX 560 Ti [GF114],GeForce GTX 560 Ti OEM [GF110], GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores [GF110],GeForce GTX 570 [GF110], GeForce GTX 570 Rev. 2 [GF110],GeForce GTX 570M [GF114M], GeForce GTX 580 [GF110],GeForce GTX 580 Rev. 2 [GF110], GeForce GTX 580M [GF114M],GeForce GTX 590 [GF110], GeForce GTX 660M [GK107M],GeForce GTX 660M Mac Edition [GK107M], GeForce GTX 670M [GF114M],GeForce GTX 670MX [GK104M], GeForce GTX 675M [GF114M],GeForce GTX 675MX [GK104M], GeForce GTX 675MX Mac Edition [GK104M],GeForce GTX 680M [GK104M], GeForce GTX 680MX [GK104M],GeForce GTX 765M [GK106M], GeForce GTX 770M [GK106M],GeForce GTX 775M Mac Edition [GK104M], GeForce GTX 780M [GK104M],GeForce GTX 780M Mac Edition [GK104M], GeForce GTX 860M [GK104M],GeForce GTX 880M [GK104M], NVS 310 [GF119], NVS 315 [GF119],NVS 4200M [GF119M], NVS 5200M [GF108GLM], NVS 5400M [GF108M],Quadro 500M [GF108GLM], Quadro 600 [GF108GL], Quadro 1000M [GF108GLM],Quadro 2000 [GF106GL], Quadro 2000M [GF106GLM], Quadro 3000M [GF104GLM],Quadro 4000 [GF100GL], Quadro 4000M [GF104GLM], Quadro 5000 [GF100GL],Quadro 5000M [GF100GLM], Quadro 5010M [GF100GLM], Quadro 6000 [GF100GL],Quadro 7000 [GF100GL], Quadro K500M [GK107GLM], Quadro K510M [GK208GLM],Quadro K610M [GK208GLM], Quadro K1000M [GK107GLM], Quadro K1100M [GK107GLM],Quadro K2000M [GK107GLM], Quadro K2100M [GK106GLM], Quadro K3000M [GK104GLM],Quadro K3100M [GK104GLM], Quadro K4000M [GK104GLM], Quadro K4100M [GK104GLM],Quadro K5000M [GK104GLM], Quadro K5100M [GK104GLM],Quadro NVS 4200M [GF119M], Tesla C2050 [GF100GL], Tesla C2050 [GF110GL],Tesla C2070 [GF100GL], Tesla C2075 [GF110GL], Tesla M2070 [GF100GL],Tesla M2070-Q [GF100GL], Tesla M2075 [GF110GL], Tesla M2090 [GF110GL],Tesla T20 Processor [GF100GL].There are several "more modern" GPUs supported by this package, too, but theupdated drivers in the newer legacy packages or the current nvidia-driverpackage usually provide more features and better support.Look at the other legacy packages for older cards.See /usr/share/doc/nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver/README.txt.gzfor a complete list of supported GPUs and PCI IDs.Building the kernel module has been tested up to Linux 5.19. Other Packages Related to nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver depends

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dep:nvidia-installer-cleanup cleanup after driver installation with the nvidia-installer dep:nvidia-legacy-390xx-alternative (= 390.154-1deb10u1) allows the selection of NVIDIA as GLX provider (390xx legacy version) dep:nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver-bin (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA driver support binaries (390xx legacy version) dep:nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver-libs (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA metapackage (OpenGL/GLX/EGL/GLES libraries) (390xx legacy version) or nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver-libs-nonglvnd (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA metapackage (non-GLVND OpenGL/GLX/EGL/GLES libraries) (390xx legacy) dep:nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-dkms (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA binary kernel module DKMS source (390xx legacy version) or nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-390.154 virtual package provided by nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-dkms dep:nvidia-legacy-390xx-vdpau-driver (= 390.154-1deb10u1) Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix - NVIDIA driver (390xx legacy) dep:nvidia-support NVIDIA binary graphics driver support files dep:xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-390xx (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA binary Xorg driver (390xx legacy version) rec:libnvidia-legacy-390xx-cfg1 (= 390.154-1deb10u1) NVIDIA binary OpenGL/GLX configuration library (390xx legacy version) rec:nvidia-persistenced daemon to maintain persistent software state in the NVIDIA driver rec:nvidia-settings-legacy-390xx tool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver (390xx legacy version) sug:nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-dkms (>= 390.154) NVIDIA binary kernel module DKMS source (390xx legacy version) or nvidia-legacy-390xx-kernel-source (>= 390.154) NVIDIA binary kernel module source (390xx legacy version) Download nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver Download for all available architectures ArchitecturePackage SizeInstalled SizeFiles amd64488.3 kB1,190.0 kB [list of files] armhf487.5 kB1,188.0 kB [list of files] i386488.3 kB1,189.0 kB [list of files] This page is also available in the following languages (How to set the default document language):

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