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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Open Arena Aimbot Download

Some mods could be downloaded as Microsoft Windows executable files (.exe). They could be "real" installation programs, or simply "self extracting archives": in the last case, you should also be able to "manually" open them with compression programs (like Winrar, 7-Zip, etc.), and extract them like normal .zip files (so you could be able to extract them even if you are not using Microsoft Windows).

Open Arena Aimbot Download

Some mods will include one (or more, with various command-line options) Windows "batch file" (.bat or .cmd) that will automatically launch the mod if you execute it. Note: if the mod was designed for Quake 3 Arena, you will have to modify the batch file to replace "quake3.exe" with "openarena.exe".

Note: please keep in mind that game logic (gamecode) of mods may be based upon previous versions of OpenArena or from Quake 3 Arena, thus some settings that correctly work in baseoa may not work in the mod. Some variables may have not existed at all at the time of that mod creation (and thus, having no effect at all); other variables may now manage more values than before, resulting in they working as expected when using some values, and not working as expected when using other values (and those not managed values may be inherited from baseoa to the mod config!). New ioquake3/OpenArena features managed by the engine (contained in binary files such as openarena.exe), primarily some graphic options, are much more likely to work on mods than those managed by the game logic, even if they do not have their option shown in the menu, but few of them may not work anyway.

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