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[S4E17] Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One

The jokers are also tasked with performing a number of pranks, such as making awkward conversations with strangers and asking embarrassing questions. All of this is met with hilarity, and the episode is full of fun and laughter. At the same time, the jokers also demonstrate their commitment to making people laugh, even if it means putting themselves in uncomfortable situations. The episode ends with the jokers receiving a much-deserved round of applause from the mall crowd.

[S4E17] Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One

Apple Bloom tries a number of ways to convince Applejack that she can take care of things on her own, including raking leaves and bucking and hauling apples. However, Applejack's imposed safety measures and mollycoddling only frustrates the little filly.

The Team was sent to destroy the central control system being used by the Injustice League to attack a number of cities worldwide with giant plants. They successfully destroyed the control plant, but the ensuing battle with the Injustice League led Kaldur to don the Helmet of Fate, and with the arrival of the Justice League, was enough to force their enemies to surrender. Nabu begrudgingly released Kaldur from being Doctor Fate.[37]

Aqualad was present to celebrate Wally's sixteenth birthday. The celebration was cut short when Batman called the Team for a mission to destroy a number of ice fortresses that were causing extreme winter weather.[43]

The conference resumed with the arrival of Bishop Beluga representing Xebel. The delegates discussed recent conflicts between states, the effects of climate change on ocean food chains, and the wealth gap between Poseidonis and the other city states. Sha'ark took some relish in reminding everyone of Calvin Durham's history with Black Manta when Calvin raised it, prompting Kaldur to defend Calvin as his father in every way that matters. Lord Ronal airily dismissed Calvin's presence as solely being due to his relationship to Kaldur, though he apologized after being chastened by Lori. As Orin acknowledged the delegates concerns, the conference, and Poseidonis as a whole, came under attack by Ocean-Master. Empowered by Neptune's Trident, Ocean-Master proved a superior foe even while greatly outnumbered, and easily swatted back attacks by Kaldur, Orin, Mera, the delegates and the palace guards. Ocean-Master was finally defeated by a hooded stranger with powerful magic, causing Ocean-Master to quickly flee. The stranger disappeared before the others could recover. Kaldur was determined to find Ocean-Master.[10]

For Sheldon to keep a secret he must come up with a logical alternate explanation. He lies that Leonard went to a local Irish bar and hooked up with the fun loving and morally loose Ms. Maggie McGarry. She works at Lucky Baldwin's tending bar with a head full of curls and a heart full of dreams. Sheldon even has a phone number, an automated message and a lock of Maggie's auburn hair... from an orangutan. 041b061a72

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