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Christmas At The Palace ((INSTALL))

After some time with Christina and her aunt, Katie and Jessica decide to go for it. The ladies make themselves at home at the palace and are invited to an evening party. The king straight up ignores Jessica to compliment Katie and then takes her so that he may speak to her for the rest of the party.

Christmas At The Palace

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King Alex is coming to Katie for gift advice because of the gift-shaming on the money envelope. So off they go back to the Christmas Market, and her advice is to get the Palace staff Christmas Ornaments, or something personalized, and her final thought is to do handmade Christmas stockings for everyone in the palace. Seriously, Katie. Off they go to sew in the dining room. King Alex is suitably flustered, but game to try his hand at a glue gun, or something. We also find out that King Alex has a massive inferiority complex about his dead dad being a better king than he is.

As the Christmas season approaches in 1770, Royal Gov. William Tryon readies himself, his wife and daughter, and their servants to move into Tryon Palace. On the banks of the Trent River in New Bern, the new palace will become the center for governmental affairs in the British colony of North Carolina and the home of its governor. On December 5, 1770, Governor Tryon hosts a grand opening gala.

As the sun sets to the west, darkness befalls the palace around 5 p.m. on these shortest days of the year. Servants light candles that illuminate and provide glimpses into the stately structure. The dining table, laden with meat pies, trifle, gingerbread, and punch, is set with reflective silver trays to maximize the glow of the flames. Supper begins late, perhaps at 10 p.m., and revelry continues into the wee hours of the morning. Attendees tip back glass after glass of rum as guests present toasts to honor the governor and his new abode.

The palace endured tumultuous times and periods of disrepair during the American Revolution but continued to serve as the setting for notable happenings. On January 16, 1777, Richard Caswell took the oath of office at Tryon Palace to become the first governor of the State of North Carolina. President George Washington attended a dinner and ball at the palace during a 1791 visit to New Bern.

For the latest news and updates from the cast on the road, follow A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage on Facebook and Instagram (@charliebrownchristmaslive) and Twitter (@cbchristmaslive); #ACharlieBrownChristmas.

In this new cookbook, Christmas at the Palace, former royal chef Carolyn Robb shares 50 of her best-loved Christmas recipes. Set against a backdrop of historical royal traditions and eight splendid palaces, the recipes in this book offer an authentic, yet contemporary, taste of the timeless tradition of a British Christmas; featuring everything from a Gingerbread Village to Bramble Vodka and Blue Cheese and Walnut Biscuits to Tomato and Sweet Red Pepper Relish. 041b061a72

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