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Buy Gladiolus Bulbs ((TOP))

Fred W. Nagel & Sons, Inc. is a third generation, family owned business. We have been growing and providing Gladiolus bulbs since 1953 and have shipped millions of gladiolus bulbs to satisfied customers throughout the United States and around the world.

buy gladiolus bulbs

We offer you the opportunity to purchase bulk quantities of our top quality Gladiolus bulbs directly from the source - the highest quality bulbs at wholesale pricing, with some of the lowest shipping costs in the industry.

If you are looking for smaller quantities, please visit our sister company Noweta Gardens. There you will find the same amazing glad varieties along with several exclusive varieties available nowhere else. At Noweta Gardens you can order quantities as small as 10 bulbs per variety, with free shipping on all orders!

Sometimes called "sword lily", these spring-planted flower bulbs produce a profusion of spectacularly beautiful perennial flowers during early and mid-summer. Plant gladiolus bulbs in abundance in spring and enjoy a burst of color during the hot summer months. For non-stop color, check out Eden Brothers' Gladiolus Monet's Garden Mix or for more contrast, Gladiolus Black Star Bulbs, an almost black gladiolus that will add drama to your garden.

Plant your gladiolus bulbs in the spring, as soon as the soil is warm, about 55F, around March or April. These blooms prefer full sun exposure but can handle some shade. Soil preference is rich, soft, and moist, with just a little fertilizer. Gladiolus do not do well in heavy, soggy soil. Plant your bulbs about four to six inches deep and six inches apart from each other. If you choose to buy in large quantities, be sure to stagger your planting to maintain a better succession of blooms. Add mulch to the planting site, about two to four inches, and routinely weed if needed. Gladiolus requires plenty of water, (if you get less than one inch of rain per week, you'll want to water regularly throughout the summer) but once these plants are established they need virtually no attention. These flowers will grow to be 48 to 60 inches tall, adding a gorgeous backdrop to any surrounding plants. Zinnias and dahlias make beautiful companion plants for gladiolus!

Temperate area-based gardeners can mulch gladiolus at the end of the season, while gardeners in colder areas will want to dig up and store the gladiolus bulbs each year. If you are in a colder area, lift the bulbs and snap the corms from the stems. Dry out the bulbs for a couple of weeks, then snap the new corms from the old, discarding the old. The new ones should be kept dry and cold until they are replanted.

If you want to enjoy our beautiful gladioli in summer, plant them at the end of April or the beginning of May (after the last frost). Gladioli love to be in a sunny spot. Plant them in fertile, well-drained soil about 10 centimeter apart and 7 to 10 centimeter deep. It is important to water the Gladiolus regularly during the growth. If you want to enjoy the Gladiolus earlier, you can put them in a warm place in a pot at the beginning of April. This will make the bulbs sprout a bit. As soon as the last frost has passed, you can plant the Gladiolus bulbs with pots in the garden. Keep in mind that the gladiolus does not survive night frost!

Buy premium quality gladiolus bulbs from QFB Gardening and enjoy the splendid variety of gladioli that we offer in many different colours all summer long. QFB Gardening sells only the best quality gladiolus bulbs. Our professionals check all gladiolus bulbs for quality and size. This quality is monitored throughout the packaging process so that we can guarantee the quality right up to the time we deliver the gladiolus bulbs to your door. Each gladiolus bulb is kept in our climate-controlled cells under the best conditions. This way you always buy the best quality gladiolus bulbs.

Order your gladiolus bulbs quickly, easily and safely from QFB Gardening. You can order gladiolus bulbs now or add them to your wish list and the gladiolus bulbs will be delivered to your door from March to May.

The best time to plant Paloma Blanca gladiolus bulbs depends on the climate and growing conditions in your area. In general, these bulbs should be planted in the spring when the soil has warmed up to a temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the bulbs to establish strong roots and start growing before the hot summer months.If you live in a region with mild winters, you can plant Paloma Blanca gladiolus bulbs in the fall. However, in areas with harsh winters, it is best to wait until spring to plant the bulbs. Gladiolus in general are frost-hardy in USDA climate zones 7-10.With proper planting and care, Paloma Blanca gladiolus bulbs will produce beautiful blooms in the summer months.

The best fertilizer for Paloma Blanca gladiolus is a balanced fertilizer with a ratio of 5-10-10 or 10-20-20, which contains equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen promotes growth and leaf development, phosphorus encourages root growth and flower production, and potassium enhances overall plant health and helps to withstand stress. It is recommended to fertilize gladiolus bulbs with this type of fertilizer at planting time, then every two to four weeks during the growing season. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for application rates and timing to avoid over-fertilizing, which can harm the plants.

Paloma Blanca gladiolus typically take between 90-120 days to grow from planting until they are ready for harvest. The planting process involves selecting a suitable site with well-draining soil and full sun exposure. The corms are then planted 4 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart, with the pointed end facing upwards. As the corms begin to sprout, they will require regular watering and fertilization to ensure healthy growth. Paloma Blanca gladiolus can grow to be around 36 inches tall and produce elegant white blooms with yellow throats. The exact timing of growth and flowering may vary depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture levels.

The traditional method of growing gladioli in the UK is to dig up the corms in autumn to overwinter indoors. However, with climate change, winters are currently milder than previously, and you may get away with leaving them in the ground, particularly if you live in the south. If you're prepared to risk losing your gladioli bulbs, cut back old stems and apply a thick mulch over the area in autumn. Alternatively, lift them and dry them before storing in trays in a frost-free spot for winter.

Sap-sucking gladiolus thrip can attack plants, causing white flecks to appear and sometimes flower buds will go brown and drop off. Prevent the spread of thrips by removing affected foliage and flowers. Gladioli can also fall prey to slugs and aphids and grey mould.

Gladioli bulbs and corms are an essential summer flowering variety. Available in a wide range of shapes and colours, our extensive range of gladioli bulbs and corms will look perfect In your garden, from our Dwarf flowering Gladioli to Large flowering Gladioli varieties and everything in between.

Along with dahlias, lilies and begonias are gladioli one of the most important and popular summer flowering bulbs. They look beautiful in your garden and on the vase. Plant gladioli in groups for the most beautiful display of colours.

Hibernate: Dig up the gladiolus for the winter, break off the foliage and roots and let the tubers dry in a cool place for a week. Store in a dark dry cool place during winter and replant in late April/May.

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