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Ezra Long

Brookhaven SCRIPT 04 07

This document has been prepared for the Subcommittee on Zinc Cadmium Sulfide to summarize some estimates of concentrations and potential exposures (time-integrated concentrations) of zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS) that were achieved during the use of this compound in certain air-dispersion tracer tests. The basic source materials were a subset of the references included in an appendix entitled "Zinc Cadmium Sulfide Testing Documents," which listed all known Army-sponsored ZnCdS tests. All reference numbers herein refer to the list for this appendix. The description of the aim of this report is best described by the scope of work:

Brookhaven SCRIPT 04 07


All the references examined reported exposures in particle-minutes per liter or gave tabular data of raw particle counts (e.g., particles per filter). These values were, in general, taken at their face values (in one case (Ref. 19) a clearly incorrect description of tabular data was corrected). Reported values of particle-minutes per liter had generally been corrected for the collection efficiency of the sampling device, and these corrections were not questioned. Where only raw particle counts were given, the collection efficiency was also available, so that a correction could be applied for collection efficiency. The Dugway Proving Ground tests often gave only raw count data, but in the references examined these always used filter-type collectors with effectively 100% collection efficiency. In some of these cases, the sampling rate for the filter sampler was not given, and was assumed similar to the sampling rate in previous or subsequent experiments. Details are given in the individual summaries that follow. 041b061a72

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