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Ezra Long
Ezra Long

Download MW3 Plutonium and Experience the Best of Call of Duty with Modding Support

bro i stg if someone gave us an older repository or version of plutonium files. not just the exe, i would appreciate it. the current plutonium files dont work with reshade even if it can be played offline using the older exe from the author of this mod. i really want to customize my shader of the game just with me playing by myself offline.

Do you have MW3 already on steam? if so, just place the all the contents of this file on your desktop, then run the Install file, and you should be good to go! Start a private match via plutonium and press "N" to open the bots menu

download mw3 plutonium


Yes, similarly, after using a MOAB, the game will start to lag, and the plutonium log will be filled with error messages, whatever gun i would be holding at the time will level to maximum. I suspect the latest plutonium update broke some aspects of this mod.

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