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Battleship Battle Script GUI 2022 |TOP|

In June 1592, one month after the sea battle at Sacheon, daimyo Wakisaka Yasuharu arrives at the Japanese naval base in Busan to take charge of the fleet and counter the threat posed by Joseon commander Yi Sun-sin. From some terrified survivors of the battle, he learns of a new, fully enclosed Joseon battleship which they have dubbed bokkaisen (after a sea monster from Japanese mythology) and mekurabune ("blind ship"). However, that engagement has revealed some critical flaws about its design, such as the fixed dragon head at its bow being prone to getting stuck after making a ramming attack, and its weaker flank armor. Wakisaka agrees to join forces with the rest of the Japanese navy to ensure a decisive success in their campaign to conquer Joseon and, from there on, Ming China.

Battleship Battle Script GUI 2022


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