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Ezra Long

Crack Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe

Again hi,My first fly after 30 min was shut down.But when I copy these files i didn't get this.Whats your mean that this mabbe solve many problems?(Note: when I cracked in the help menu> about flightsim... in Product ID i did'nt seen anything)

Crack Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe

There is nothing worse than paying $85.00 USD for something I cannot load. I am not a novice having started with the very first flight simulator. When I have to go through acrobatics to make it work and tweak my already hot PC something is wrong. I can run the highest settings I want in FS2004 but this piece of junk won't even start right after loading. It just hangs up after I put in the product key and try to register. I have a cable modem so that shouldn't be a problem. I think their min requirements are more realistic with Vista installed. I dont think they are telling the truth in regards to the requirements for Windows XP. I've installed, uninstalled and re-installed. I'm sick of this circus. Microsoft please stick to flight simulator aircraft because if you ever try to build the real thing people will probably die in droves broke and penniless.

Well, I can run FSX without the CD.....and no crack. Well, I also have bought it too. However, before installing the simulator, it verifies that it isn't a jacked copy....that is why before the Sim let you run it, requires that it needs to be activated through the Microsoft website.

i bought microsoft flight simulator x deluxe edition but unfortunately we had to wipe the laptop because of a virus. When we came to reinstall flight simulator it wouldnt get past a certain file. Then we look and the disk 1 is badly scratched so we cant install from cd. I tried downloading trial verison hopefully after 30 minutes the activation wizard would come up and i could use my product key to activate the trial. When the prompt came up saying thanks for using flight simulator... i clicked ok and flight simulator cloased down but then when i clicked on flight simulator (hoping the activation wizard would come up) and let me play again with the full 30 minutes! so now im stuck. HOW CAN I GET MICROSFT FLIGHT SIMUALATOR WORKING FULLY

what i want to know is what kind of asses were there the day they created this game? were they drunk or what? i mean jesus why in the hell do we need this crapped up activation code. i have a wireless and i tried for weeks on end,but the stupid thing game me error 1722,im on the internet and oooooooooooooo i feel like going down to thier hg and beating thier brains out for wasting 75 dollars ! im so sick and tired of companys thinking they can take advantage of thier precious money making crap when all we get in return is this bull crap! yeah they really did do a shit assed crapped up job on this game. and they wonder why we have to go to illegal extremes just to get our damned games we buy to actually work!! i hereby am boycotting any future flight simulator games and i will shit literally on the one i have and send it to them by regular mail,ooops i already did this morning LOL.

works fine. Install SP1, add these dll`s to the main game directory (eg. c:\program files\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator X) Job done. Played for several hours last night - only got a single core processor but it gained me 10-15fps. Very happy now.

i have the original dvds of flight simulator x deluxe edicition , a friend give me but when i insert the serial tell me that is invalid ..i just can fly 30 minwhat i have to do to fly more that 30 min

howdy.. im having a nightmare... my dll files just dont seem to work when im trying to put the game onto my laptop this time.. do you have a link and also let me know which exact folder i copy them into, people say just into the flight simulator one (as in the first one you open) but i read about early that someone said to copy them into the installer folder??? if you could let me know would be soooooo sweet.. cheers guysss..!

hello fellow flight sim x pilots i just recently found out that after the 6th install and activation the key no longer works does anybody know of a crack or something that works for the game miss playing it badly the new flight is cool and all but you have to purchase each and every plane that game has which i view as very stupid 350c69d7ab

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