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[S1E5] What About Bob

Ella: The idea that the worst thing a person can do is grow dependent on some outsider. All they care about is taking something from your pocket and putting it in there's, and on a regular basis too.Flynne: But we aren't paying them anything. They're the ones paying us.Ella: That's what my uncle Charles must've thought when that loan money came in. They're giving me these drugs. What happens if I stop taking them?Flynne: I don't know.Ella: What happens if you stop paying Corbell Pickett?

[S1E5] What About Bob

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Cherise: I've lived through more extremity than you could possibly imagine. It would crush your tiny little mind. So please, don't care to lecture me about pain.Flynne: Oh, I don't want to lecture you. I just want to snap your fucking neck.

We loved this little easter egg (because we know she removed that woman's eye), and it also explained how Aelita knew about the mysterious technology that Dr. Nuland continues to work on and keep secret.

The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5 opens with a flashback of Grace and Aelita reconnecting, allowing us to see just how much Grace shared about her top-secret work at the Research Institute (RI).

Bob goes to a bowling alley to speak to a man he knows called Frank. Frank is there with his sons. Bob tells him he knows Frank revealed information to Daniel about him and Bob shoots Frank and his sons. Bob takes them to go assassinate the Fishers.

At a bowling alley, a man named Frank is with his three sons. When he sees Bob sitting at the bar, he approaches. After some small talk, Bob says he knows that it was Frank who revealed information about him to Daniel. Frank tries to defend himself but Bob shoots him and his three sons.

Back home, their mother has found out about the bodies in the backyard. The siblings tell her everything and she cautions them against being too dependent on these outsiders. She asks what will happen once these people from the future stop sending her medicine. Or when Burton stops giving Corbell money. Flynne decides to log back into the peripheral.

She logs back in and berates Wilf for not warning them about the assassination attempt. She tells him what happened and then asks if Wilf was trying to confuse her when he linked the two of them up, if the shared emotions were meant to manipulate her. She asks if trusting him is a mistake. Wilf says no.

It really would be wonderful if we could see what the new owners do to improve this property, Julia. The house is a gem, sitting so pretty in that lakeside setting. I remember watching the movie and picturing our family living there.

I love the house at first sight and I do really like the exterior, but I hate the inside! What about that living room with that hideous rug and those red couches! Brr. I would like to live there though, I think I could transform it easily into a really nice place. Love the view by the way!

Bob Lee arrives at the Seattle Police maintenance area and enters, disguised as a mechanic. Isaac enters Payne's motel room and asks how much Nadine knows about the operation, but he is on his way to take care of a loose end. Bob Lee makes his way into the shop and locates the keys to the cruiser, then takes it into a garage and has it lifted. He finds the bullet lodged behind the wheel, but attracts attention while doing so. He cleverly avoids contact with an officer and makes off with the bullet. In a field, he takes shots at wanted posters with his face on them. On his third shot, taken with the bullet he recovered, it penetrates both ends of the water tank holding the posters (the other bullets did not penetrate).

Isaac talks with the officer who spotted Bob Lee, and finds that the bullet has been found. Nadine and Mikey attempt to make contact with some of Voydian's known associates, tracking them to the restaurant Payne visited. They find the place full of corpses, but among them is a rose. Johnson and Utey discuss the massacre, and Utey tells Johnson that Nadine is now looking into the Tree of Liberty and that he shouldn't worry too much about it. He looks at Nadine from behind a window, and they make eye contact for several seconds.

James asks Bob Lee where he found the bullet, and he asks who they sold the bullet to. He is told that the bullet he found didn't come from them, and that they make their own similar-looking rounds. Joey objects to telling Bob Lee about this, but James stops him. He reveals that Joey is actually a horrible aim, but makes himself useful by running their forum. James elaborates on their mission: preparations for guerilla warfare against the federal government when they inevitably step too far in restricting the freedom of the American people. Bob Lee asks where they get their materials for the bullets, and is told that a man in Idaho makes it for them. When he asks who he is, they refuse to answer him but allow him to stay at the camp for as long as he wishes, promising him safety. Outside the property, Isaac gears up for a stealth infiltration, bringing a rifle with him.

Isaac watches the compound from a distance through his rifle's scope. When Bob Lee leaves the sight of others, he investigates what's out of sight and finds barrels of ammonium nitrate, a component of explosives. He calls Hall and poses as a member of the Tree, saying that they have explosives and causing them to begin surveillance on the area. When he tries to go back around the building, Joey catches him at gunpoint and tells him that he can't be trusted now that he's seen what they're planning. James calls him and requests their presence at the armory, where he has captured Isaac. Isaac tries to tell them he's only there to arrest Bob Lee, but they don't buy his story. James puts a gun to his head, but Bob Lee tells him they should use him for target practice, secretly to keep him alive. James agrees, and says they'll put him at 800 yards; Bob Lee says it's too easy and proposes to put him at a mile.

Meachum receives a phone call from Isaac during a massage. He tells Meachum that Bob Lee got away and asks where Payne is. He jokes, then says that the situation hasn't gotten as bad as he thinks. Utey and Nadine watch the news incident. He pauses it, then asks for everyone except her to leave the room. When they're gone, he tells her that every government agency in the area is asking questions about her conspiracy and that she has embarrassed the FBI. She defends herself, saying that more investigation by others will help the case, and he says the case was solved when Bob Lee blew himself up. Before leaving, he says that he was the last friend she had in the building.

Welcome back to the Dutton ranch, folks. It's a sunny, brisk morning, and John, Rip and Jamie are horse shopping. A horse salesman named Travis is trying to get them to buy a $5 million dollar stud horse with a real impressive pedigree. Even at that price, Dutton is told that he will make his money back in three years, but just in case they show him some cheaper horses, like one that's a measly $200,000. Rip says he likes the "$5 million b*stard, but it ain't my money." Jamie tells his father they simply can't afford the fancy one, and Dutton responds in a very Dutton way: by growling "don't tell me what I can and cannot do."

But first he tells Jamie to watch for Kayce being moved from local jail to prison. So far, nothing. Dutton asks, "what do you think they got him for," a fair question considering how often he kills someone on the show. "Hopefully it's the rez thing," Jamie replies.

Dutton tells Jamie to take the helicopter to wherever he has to go to deal with the Kayce situation. And then it's grandpa time, with Dutton offering an irresistibly big cookie - "big as a dinner plate" - to Tate if he runs inside to get it. While he's on a cookie hunt, Dutton tells Monica not to worry; they'll deal with Kayce's legal woes. Monica worries anyway. Dutton makes his bid to get the family under his roof, telling Monica to think about her family because surviving day-to-day isn't living. Just then, Tate bursts out of the house with a big cookie and exclaims, "Boy, you weren't kidding!"

As an aside, I've read that a lot of people don't like Tate. So far, I think he's a cute kid and a good actor. I don't know what there is to dislike. But he can sure look excited about a cookie, which I think speaks for his skill as a performer.

Rip, meanwhile, has to go recruit a new hand after Fred met with the "long black train" at the end of the last episode (that's what Dutton calls a bullet in the head and a long fall off of a cliff). He stops outside of the prison (for us Montanans, is that Deer Lodge?) and calls Walker (Ryan Bingham) over to the truck. Walker's an experienced hand from Texas that killed a man in a barfight after he got to Montana. He seems to check all of Rip's boxes: he's a criminal, he can ride a horse, and he doesn't bat an eye when Rip suggests that he only got his horse by performing unsavory favors. Walker gets in the truck and rides off to his new future at the Yellowstone Ranch.

On however many acres of the Dutton Ranch, John and Tate settle on throwing rocks into the trough as a fun activity. Once Tate is happily chucking stones, Monica remarks to John that he doesn't act like the man she's heard about. Just then, Jamie and Kayce arrive on the helicopter, and Jamie proclaims the problem "solved." Dutton tells Kayce that he's got something he needs Kayce to do, but that he'll like this kind of work. The work is training the very stallion Kayce gifted his father, but Kayce doesn't want to, saying "I won't work for you." But Kayce decides to do so anyway, without accepting pay.

But now we get a revealing little moment for Beth. She tells Jamie about what it was like to see her mother die knowing that her mother didn't love her, not even a little, and knowing it was her fault. She then breaks down and sobs. Jamie is human enough to be moved by that, telling her, "if hating me keeps you from hating yourself, I'll be that for you, Beth. That's what family's for." 041b061a72

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