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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

The Last Survivors

Kendal checks on Alby, a young boy who lives on his own. She tells him of Dean's plan to escape via a Cessna that has been almost fully repaired; all they need is the proper distributor cap. However, Alby says he is better able to survive on his own and asks her not to visit him so often, as it attracts Carson's attention. After finally recovering the proper distributor cap from a car in Carson's compound, Kendal returns home again, only to find that three survivors have wandered onto their property in search of water. Dean convinces Kendal to donate water to them, though Kendal remains suspicious of their intentions. When they return shortly afterward, her suspicions are confirmed as they seek to steal the remaining water. Dean, barely able to walk, shoots them before they can kill Kendal.

The Last Survivors

Drawn by the sound of gunshots as he surveys the local farms, Carson investigates. Dean kills several of Carson's men before they kill him. After killing one of his men, who has become wounded and thus a liability, Carson expresses regret that he is not able to save more of the survivors. His lieutenant, a man in priest's garb, reassures him that what they do is for the greater good. Kendal once again escapes after hiding from Carson's men and retrieves a katana from one the graves at Grace's farm. Now armed, she returns to the house and kills the men left behind to search it, including the priest and Gabriel, whose identity was obscured by a mask.

Troy and his son Jake have been living off the grid for over twenty years in the wake of an apocalyptic event that destroyed much of civilization and left the survivors desperate. Troy has constantly drilled Jake on the necessity of assuming any outsider is a clear and immediate danger that must be eliminated; he kills and buries anyone who happens upon them. One day an outsider shoots Troy, and Jake must leave to bring back antibiotics. He sees a woman working outside a house, but can't bring himself to kill her as his father instructed he do with anyone he encountered. He sneaks into her house to find antibiotics and steroids and returns home.

Natalie Frohip, vice president of the Moose Lake Area Historical Society, only knows of three fire survivors who are still alive today - two in Minnesota and one in California - and is confident the number is in the single digits. 041b061a72

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