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Filet Mignon is really the easiest piece of meat to grill. Most Texans result to the low and low with their meat, but that is not how to approach cooking a filet mignon. This is a meat that is generally served seared on the outside with the natural juices sealed in, creating that juicy effect when the meat is finally cut into at the dinner table.


The Snake River Farms American Wagyu filet mignon is our top-selling steak. It is our most tender steak and has a fine, buttery texture and mild beef flavor. Try the Black Grade American Wagyu filet mignon for an elevated weekend dinner or select the Gold Grade filet mignon for a special occasion.

Considered the ultimate steak, our 8oz 100% Fullblood Wagyu Filet Mignon truly epitomizes the exquisite quality of our brand. The velvety soft texture is accentuated with silky Wagyu juices, creating a decadent treat. It will have the highest marbling content of any filet mignon you can find, adding succulent flavor to its famous tenderness.

Thaw the prized Wagyu filet mignon steaks as you see fit (see below under "Handling and Thawing" for deeper guidance). We also suggest bringing thawed steaks to room temperature for 30 minutes or so.

We always recommend cooking Wagyu to no more than Medium Rare. But your oven might throw heat better than ours, or you might be at sea level while we're up past mile-high. So, for the love of all things holy - like your precious Wagyu filet mignon steaks - take our timing specs with a grain of proverbial salt. Use your common sense and maybe even a meat thermometer and don't take our word for gospel. 041b061a72

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