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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith


Agree with all the above. Trimming the video is not a solution. My .mp4 file does contain my pick frame for the "preview" which I selected in Premiere, but it is not recognized by Rise 360 so I'm having the same problem. Please add the video cover feature on Rise 360. Thanks!


Page output is examined for anchor href values beginning with rtmp:// and ending with a supported extension (currently .mp3, .mp4, .flv, and .f4v). Qualifying links are replaced with a div tag containing 'data-' prefixed attributes that are subsequently used by the plugin's JavaScript module to apply a Flowplayer player to the div. The Adobe Flash Player browser plugin is required.

Well, it's about a week later and the long string URL is definitely a temporary .mp4. So it's back to using the classic RCE video player. Here are the instructions I've documented for Including a Canvas embedded video under the details tag. 041b061a72

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